• Pat Grady

    You messed up #6, Alabama is so hot right now!

  • Chris Zaharias

    Here at Triggit we’ve been living and breathing large-scale FBX direct response campaigns since FBX first alpha’d in June, and one of the key data insights is that the majority of retargeting conversions that occur because of ads shown on FBX occur within the first few hours; this, of course, is due to the fact that so many of each advertisers’ visitors visit FB w/high regularity. Beyond FBX, there’s a known link between recency of 1st party data and value the data has in getting the person to consummate the transaction they’d be considering.

    That said, I would *love* to see data showing a) what the recency of search retargeting data is; and b) proof that it works within the very tight direct response metrics most of the large advertisers Facebook hopes to see jump onto FBX live with. I want to believe, but anecdotally have heard much more of dashed hopes than ROI goals met.