• http://www.sitecreations.com/blog Scott Clark

    I think that pent-up frustrated niche advertisers could quickly saturate inventory. We’ll probably see an increase in placment costs that will “seek their own level” with other ways of buying time. Inventory expansion to billboards, games, software on demand, and web video distribution would have their own dymamic.

    The personalization is the wildcard – saturation by major buyers could simply take away the ability for focused buys from niche businesses. I suppose we’ll soon see some sort of quality score on video ads as well. Now that will be interesting.

  • http://blog.nextblitz.com gil

    @Scott – very interesting point on saturation from the huge buyers – perhaps a very important issue in the beginning when there would likely simply be more custom buckets, rather than completely customized ad inventory streams, but seems like with the ultimate more customized (individual level) streams, there would be too much inventory for even the mega buyers?