• Pat

    Any chance G was trying to comply with US law, and now, in hindsight, that was their undoing here? Yes, they have a stewardship responsibility, but does a little blame also belong to the high consumer demand -and- to lawmakers for any contortions found in the law? Like horny goat weed, who is to blame… just the guys who makes the display boxes I see in the gas station? I definitely don’t know the laws involved here, just asking if this is a case of “easiest to blame”, rather than “actual culpability”. Given the size of their money machine (and its reliance on good will), it seems a stretch to think they intentionally conspired against US companies, to the benefit of foreign pharmas, for the sake of making a quick, knowingly illicit fractional billion. It seems to me personally, to accept the belief that it even required a sting to stop this, that I’d need to hold a view of them as evil drug pimps. To me, it seems more like a compliance mistake, a bad one, than the govt busted international drug pimps perspective. Maybe I’m a G sheeple.

  • S.V.

    This is a small mistake that google did not do knowingly. The ad approving person is time pressed to complete the job he is assigned.

    For example let someone who wants to market Apple Apps. He posts on minifreelance and pays like $2 to anyone who downloads the app and rates ( 5 star) and reviews it. Minifreelance can not be held responsible for it.

  • cromwellian

    Hmm, a Murdoch owned newspaper releases details of a settlement that was sealed by the court. What are the chances? :)

    Looking at this another way. Americans are barred from buying prescription drugs which are sold much cheaper in other countries, and the US Congress won’t even let Medicare or Medicaid use bulk-negotiating with pharmaceuticals to get volume discounts.

    Which is more evil? Allows ads that connect cash-strapped seniors stuck in coverage donut holes with Canadian companies illegally exporting *legal prescription* drugs to the US. Or, the stupid import bans and congressional interference with attempts to reduce costs?

    The way the media is covering the story, they’re acting like Google was in bed with Mexican drug cartels to sell cocaine.

    Just IMHO.