• http://lostpr.es/ David Iwanow

    I think part of the issue is that it’s answers struggle to remain current, run a few sample searches and you will find a majority of the top results showing are often posted from several years ago.  The freshness part causes a problem and you are less likely to return if there is not engagement on any questions you ask or all the initial questions are out of date.

    Compare this to instant feedback you can get from Twitter, Facebook or Google+ the I want it now mentality has obviously caused part of the decline.  I’m not sure if the growth of platforms such as Quora have slowed but they do a great job of pushing fresh questions/responses.

  • http://twitter.com/i_praveensharma Praveen Sharma

    Yahoo Answers has lost it quality several months ago. Nowadays it has become a marketing activity of online marketers, where you will find tons of questions with URLs to promote their brand/service. 

    People come, ask questions related to their own service and someone (or questioner uses different account) replies by suggesting brand’s name. That’s all they do.

    And Yahoo has not taken any effective step to stop this spam which hurts the motto of Q&A.

  • BIrwin1

    I think the core need and desirability of the product has waned and the market is onto something fresh in Quora

  • 9seos

    Yahoo answer facing bad times, internet marketers asking hundreds of  questions but not get proper reply with of answer. 

  • http://www.gmrwebteam.com/ Ajay Prasad

    Yes, Promoting your site on Yahoo Answers also violates the Answers TOS

  • http://www.Bridgendseo.co.uk/ Barney @ Bridgend SEO

    Totally Agree Yahoo Answers has become quite spammy, But 300 millions questions is an incredible amount , and in the past i have found it very useful. These days any questions I have I tend to put a shout out on twitter.

  • Josef Holm

    I would not be surprised if half of these questions are bot generated spam.

  • http://www.denverdustbunnies.com/ Dust Bunnies

    I remember when Yahoo Answers was a good resource. Now it’s just kind of a joke, starting to fall off the maps.

  • http://www.jdizm.com/ JDIZM

    It’s a shame Yahoo! Answers has declined however it has reached a great milestone no doubt.

  • Kishor Kumar

    Yes, i Agree these day there is many spammers are active for getting backlinks for their website from yahoo QA. http://www.exbace.com