• http://www.seobocaraton.com SEOBocaRaton

    Beginning of the end of Yahoo, more like Yahbloo It

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    They had already mentioned they were going to compete with AOL in building content. This deal just explains their strategy.

    In my mind the real question is what kind of exodus (if any) will we see from Yahoo!’s version of Associated Content? They have a tendency to homogenize anything they buy up and drive people away.

  • http://www.greenlaneseo.com Bill Sebald

    I think it’s well played.
    To Michael’s point, they sure can’t afford mismanagement right now.

  • http://managinggreatness.com Gil Reich

    I don’t see anything ironic or inconsistent. Yahoo! is going from being a source of search traffic to being a destination of search traffic. I found it interesting at some recent search conferences that the only Yahoos on the organic side were those telling stories about how they optimized their content pages for SEO. Y! is focusing on becoming a content site. Of course they’re making an SEO play, they’re a web site, not a search engine.