• http://www.thoughtshapers.com Jeffmol

    I’m surprised that so many have so little to say about this case as it’s been going on for quite some time now. This is BAD for advertisers of all flavors.

    Yahoo stands to *benefit* from being sued by its advertisers based on the legal action’s ludicrous settlement terms; terms that absolve them of liability for fraudulent, and more importantly “unwanted”, clicks sent to advertisers over the last 8 years.

    In return, advertisers get the opportunity to *ask* for credits (to buy more advertising) and these credits may ultimately be denied by the company. If you look into the *process* (as I did) you’ll notice that Yahoo’s intent here is to make it nearly impossible (obviously, that’s just my professional opinion) to actually get the credits (sound familiar?… i.e. Google).

    The $5 million Yahoo! will pay to Checkmate Strategic Group is, in effect, a VERY cost effective insurance policy against click fraud concerns that may arise in the future; all while, legally, never admitting fault and promising advertisers not one dime based on my research of court documents.

    It gets worse — the Class is HUGE given that advertisers were all auto-opted into it. Opting out? You’d not believe that process either. I’ve documented all of this stuff here http://xr.com/yahoo