• http://www.homegain.com Louis Cammarosano

    By selecting a relatively unknown company whose core business is not even real estate (Reply) and a start up (eppraisal)to provide side by side instant homevaluations with Zillow, Yahoo wittingly or unwittingly severely damages Zillow’s claim that they are the “Kelly’s Blue Book of Home Valuations”

    (a claim I’ve always had issue with because its not true and its a foolish analogy as cars are fungible depreciating assets, while homes are unique and generally appreciating assets)

    That Reply can also run public data through an algorithm and spit out a valution highlights that what Zillow is doing is nothing special and not worthy of the hype they have created simply by taking last millenium’s technology and wrapping it in a big “Z”. “Zestimates” E-“Z” ads etc.

    Oh, by the way HomeGain.com, the company at which I am the General Manager, also has an instant homevaluation tool-the descendant of our original instant homevaluation tool from 1999.

    Yahoo’s integration is slick and great for consumers.