• warcaster

    Yahoo should buy out the Blekko guys, and start a new search engine from scratch. Dump Bing.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    They can’t, until at least 2020. That’s the deal they signed.

  • Shlomo

    If Microsoft proposes or attempts to sell all or substantially all of either its algorithmic search services business or paid search services business to an unaffiliated third party, Yahoo! will have a right of first refusal and right of last offer to purchase such businesses.


    The deal terms between Microsoft and Yahoo mean that the partnership can only be called off if either Microsoft closes Bing, or if Yahoo’s revenue per search falls below 40 percent of Google’s

    I’m not certain the deal will go until 2020. Also Yahoo could always sue Microsoft for underperforming and technical issues as well.