• http://www.mm-agency.com/ Michael Martin


    Looks like a mistype on the Yahoo Slurp bot (should be META NAME=”Slurp” CONTENT=”NOYDIR”) in this section:

    Maybe. Then again, having two meta robots tags possibly might make a search engine choose one or the other, not both. You could be safe by using a tag for each specific spider:


  • http://www.luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    This new tag that prevents the metadata from being transferred from the Yahoo Directory listings sounds like a good thing and I can’t help but wonder if it will also address the problem of old Directory listings screwing up the organic results?

    My point specifically; I have a client site that I have been working with for a while. It is a good site that dates back to 1991. This particular site only lists one page within the Yahoo organic results, the index, and there is no good explanation as to why this is. No spam, no questionable SEO tactics. Applying good research into what might be the cause of this I couldn’t help but notice that Yahoo has multiple listing within their various country specific Directories that are displaying information dating back to pre 1995.

    I contacted Yahoo to ask them about this and received a confirmation letter from them stating that it was these old directory listings that were in fact, causing the listing problem. I was told that they would address this issue about 8 months ago and to date there has been no change. (I am still trying to decide if this is a tsk tsk tsk moment for them or does this call for a full blown “A Pox On You Yahoo”)

    Anyway, does anybody have any thoughts on whether or not the use of this new tag might help to address this issue? And hey… should any of you Yahoo’s who may read this, care to address this issue once in for all like I was told you would? I am easy to contact, just look for the link sitting comfortably in its condom below.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Michael, not a typo. In that particular example, I was showing you how to use a tag to tell Yahoo to ignore the Open Directory, which you can also do.