• http://www.sweetspotmarketing.com kevinpike

    Appreciate the review of Yahoo Search, but now I just have more questions.

    1) What is the latest with the Bing taking over search for them?
    2) Does Yahoo know how inconsistent site explorer data is from month to month?
    -innovation is great, but fix what you got first.

    Some Thoughts…

    Yahoo’s statement that, people don’t care about index size, all they want is good results, is very interesting for several reasons. This may spur on a more debate on it own.

    My take is average Joe doesn’t care about how big Yahoo’s index is. But, Yahoo should care for the average Joe. Unless I’m missing something, having a larger index enables them to monitor more web connections so they could algorithmically serve “Joe” better search results.

    Consiperacy Theory…

    Is Yahoo saying they want to be less link-based?
    Are they saying old pages drop out of their index so it is important to keep links fresh?

    I could go on, but I’m starting to think life was easier when Yahoo search was going to quietly fade away.