• Sangeeta Mittal Agarwal

    Yelp is getting valuable day by day. Now, Yahoo is one more added chapter who turned to it.. Guys if you are doing Local SEO then don’t forget to be listed in Yelp…

  • FireBlogger

    Yelp is the true definition of useful social web. Street level content moderated smartly by a well tuned-in staff.

  • http://www.searchlocalhq.com/ Toby Crabtree

    Indeed a good move by Yahoo.

  • http://www.CheesyCorporateLingo.com/ Patrick Reinhart

    I’m surprised more engines don’t do this. Teaming up with known services such as Yelp would be a great way to differentiate yourself against Google / Bing. Not that you would ever make a dent in the market space, but I do think there is a place for niche search engines that only search one thing in the near future.

  • http://www.kiakamgar.com/ Kia Kamgar

    Personally I don’t like Yelp, they have a bad rep (in my eyes/business) so would rather SEs use Foursquare.

    But yes, it is a good move.

  • Scott Davis

    Great… Now we have to deal with Yelp extortion in Yahoo too.

  • Scott Davis

    Exactly my point!

    I personally hope Yelp goes out of business in the next few years. Calling Yelp a legitimate source is like citing Wikipedia for your research paper…

  • Hunting with D!ck Cheney

    Yelp is not a good thing