• Kyle Deevers

    You can read that Wall street Journal article for free with a netpass thingamabob at: http://www.congoo.com/netpass/install

    Somehow it can get you into Wall street Journal and other subscription sites for free.

  • http://www.topranksearch.com David

    I manage quite a few high profile accounts with Google.

    I’ve been very happy with YSM but have lost control of my YSM Control Panel to a client who has all my details.

    I’ve called the YSM search people and my case was upgraded to (in my opinion) rude supervisors who have yet to resolve their problem – it is not my problem.

    Now I’m a really polite person until someone pulls the flush…..

    Please YSM get it together – I am keeping a trail of times, dates and names and would be interested in hearing from any others that are getting nailed here.

    I can’t manage my own account! and I am supposed to manage others through it.

    YSM what are you going to do? I am documenting this and you are sat on some of my hard earned money that I can’t do anything with……

    Class action?

    Google keep it up guys you make it too easy and are wonderful!

    David Saunders
    david28078 at gmail dot com

  • http://www.topranksearch.com David

    I received a call from YSM last night and have been promised things will be fixed today. YahooSarah who posts here and there PM’ed me and I really do wish everyone would show a human side too.

    I will let you know what happened