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    The twitter “firehose” is nothing more than twitter selling access to “Community” generated content for hundreds of millions of dollars of which no percentage will ever be returned to the “Community” that has created it.
    I think that it is a travesty that we continue to call the out right theft and reselling of “Community” created value a “firehose”
    How about a simple transparent diagram showing the process of: value creation, value extraction, as well as revenue flows and “firehose” deal details…I believe that because twitter and others have chosen to create a term “firehose’ that seems benign they have been able to escape any close examination of a business process that on its face is inequitable and certainly can be viewed by many as unethical….

    Its time for a change. “Communities” create billions of dollars in “Value” and should be treated with respect and fairness.

    We the “Community” that have allowed our value to be extracted by Twitter, Facebook and others so that they can generate billions deserve better than to be treated like products that are sold to the highest bidders. The Communities that add the value should be treated with respect.

    I have been attempting to develop technology with the idea that the “Community” that creates and adds value should come “First”
    Kleemi is an attempt to brings this dream into reality. Kleemi is in an early beta but at this point still offers cutting edge search, a news reader, and a micro blog service. In the coming weeks we will make some major announcements about some of our new service that will turn the pyramid right side up.