• http://www.canuckseo.com Jim Rudnick

    great post here Andrew….I especially liked your reference back to your older blog piece – but the URL above is messed up….let your support guys know, eh — cause that post was very much a forward-looking one, eh!



  • http://www.adastramktg.com DCerulo

    Hi Andrew…
    Great post. I particularly agree with tip #5-market your company! I think its easy for SEOs to forget that the huge reason SEO is so necessary is to increase brand recognition. Optimizing a site effectively (especially for an SMB) requires more than links and keywords- I’ve found that a little creativity goes a long way.

  • http://www.referenceur.ma W.M.

    Well, if I understand well your post:

    I think that Panda is forcing people to review the content of their websites. Web site owners should pay more attention to their content before producing it. It should be more pertinent and informative.

    However, brands should think about going social and create some talk over them if they want to remain on the race for ranking.

    ==> Panda=pertinent content+social strategy+the old seo tricks.


  • http://www.marybowling.com Mary Bowling

    Andrew, #4 is great for the directories, but terrible for samll business owners. I strongly caution anyone from \renting\ a website from anyone. Get your own domain name, your own hosting and a website you have complete control over!

  • http://www.localseoguide.com Andrew Shotland

    Agreed Mary, but as you well know, many SMBs would prefer to outsource this function to a trusted partner.