• http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    That’s a pretty big jump in accrued liabilities.
    Clearly Yelp has developed good business partnerships to grow their business. However, on the ground many small businesses are not fond of them nor their business practices. Fake reviews, aggressive sales calls, mysteriously filtered positive reviews, inflexible policies to manage business info and no customer support to work out issues. I for one will be glad when Google+ and or LinkedIn get up to speed.

  • Charlie Gray

    I’m sure Google’s love affair with local directories attributed towards the 41% rise in visitors. Yelp ranks pretty well for most local service industry terms. Preventing more anti-trust suits maybe? Maybe we could all sue Google for anti-trust and get a “Search on…” link to our site(s). Worked in the UK.

  • http://boomient.com/ Jim Magary

    Yelp is doing well, but much of their revenue comes from business practices that take advantage of a lack of what web advertising ought to cost. I feel bad for local businesses that pay for their ad packages, as they are applying a “yellow pages” mentality to the expense.