• http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran


    Now, Yelp will have nearly complete control over these small businesses’ online reputations if they refuse to advertise with YP. They’ll extort every last business until they have all of them in their pocket.

    And the ones who don’t will go out of business due to the bad reviews Yelp easily lets slip out from their “spam filter.”

  • http://www.km3media.com/ Kyle_KM3Media

    A win-win for everyone but the small businesses and consumers. Yellow pages should retire. They are like a rich grumpy old perverted man.

  • http://leonead.com Steve Bellamy

    Give it a break! You’re the grumpy old man in this conversation. The real issue is that eventually there could only be 2 players in the local search arena, Yelp & Google, which doesn’t help real competition.

  • Patrick Kompf

    I agree, if your business depends on yelp, then you shouldn’t be in business.

  • http://www.km3media.com/ Kyle_KM3Media

    Knew I’d offend someone with the ‘old perverted’ line. My apologies Senior Bellamy. However, I rest my case. Yelp is a review site, not a search engine, why are you comparing Yelp and Google? There are plenty of players in the local search arena, namely Yahoo & Bing creeping right up there with valuable local search results. If you are talking about reviews, there are tons of different review sites just as strong as Yelp, and many specifically geared towards any industry.

  • http://leonead.com Steve Bellamy

    But you’ll note that Yahoo and Bing now feature Yelp reviews rather than their own, and I think Yelp definitely has a strategy, as does Google, to become the YELlow Pages of the internet. A lot of people actually seem to use Yelp to find a phone number or an address, just as the old directory was used.

  • brutec

    Every time I see something new yelp is doing is makes me feel like throwing up, as im sure it does 90% of the small business owners across the country. Their so called review filter is broken, should be illegal and hurts a lot of people. No one seems to care about the damage and hurt yelp is causing so many small businesses, its all about money, as humans we are ruthless, we don’t care about hurting others as long as its not happening to us and our pockets get lined with $$. I don’t mind holding business accountable to provide fair and just service to their customers, but yelp is NOT the way to try to accomplish this. Just Google “yelp extortion” to see what yelp really is all about….. BTW, I am giving YP fair warning that if yelp is associated with ANY of my paid on line advertising that current paid on line advertising will cease and desist.

  • doomedby2020

    Its about the consumer depending on Yelp.

    Businesses have to choice, they cannot avoid being listed by Yelp nor can they ever have their listing removed. And if they mess with their listing, Yelp can lock them out of it for life, or sue them…but they will never un-list you…ever. I am now locked out of my listing. I can’t change anything.

  • doomedby2020

    Yep, That is Yelp’s Business model. To be both a listing directory and a review site. Unlike Google Reviews, Yelp forcibly lists every business they can and will not let a business go. They even have the NYSE listed.
    I hope to see legislation allowing businesses listed on review sites to be given the chance to opt-out of being reviewed, or to be unlisted..

  • http://www.repeatablesale.com/ Scott Barnett

    I’m confused about this partnership – it seems like it’s purely advertising, is it not? What value do Yelp (or YP) customers get from this partnership? If somebody can explain I’d really appreciate it.

  • Bridget Dueweke

    A sad comment. The relevance of the print yp is based on a very large consumer base who has the most disposable money. Educated business owners know this and take advantage of this while other with this mindset miss this opportunity.