• http://brent.rangen.net Brent Rangen MN SEO

    Ahhhh, just want I was getting used to the sidebar contents too! Now I’m shockingly frozen hovering the mouse cursor above the sidebar & below the menubar, convulsing over the decision of which of the same item I must click on.

    I’m sure most of the non-techie related people will like it though. Heck, half of them probably didn’t realize what the sidebar on Google search contained. The main index page now is very clear how to get to images, books, shopping, etc. where you would have to click in to results to get there before.. right?

  • http://www.Rosetta.com KTurk

    I saw this last week under my account but no one else within the office was seeing it. I was wondering how it happened and after looking around, I cleared the all browser data and it was gone. I don’t know how to get it back :(

  • http://www.miamiwebdesignpro.com POP_Creative@twitter

    very clean look and i really like it. FB and Google have been changing a lot lately, about time !

  • http://nithin.net Nithin Jawali

    Yes, I am seeing mine as well.