• madridguiri

    Midomi worked pretty well for me. I whistled. Without being boastful, I can safely say that my mediocre whistling is much better than the singing Danny does on his podcasts. It nailed all the current songs I did but faltered on the folk songs and golden oldies.

    Humming Search wouldn’t fire up for me.

  • http://cbmsnetworks.com Gene Linetsky

    Phil — your wife nailed it. Good post otherwise, too :)

    Query-by-Humming (QBH) is very difficult to do. As long as the number of indexed songs is very limited and everybody is searching for the most popular ones (just for the fun of it), it may appear to work. As soon as you try to index everything — and if you don’t, how can you promise to find that really obscure song that would merit this last, desperate attempt to remember its name after so many years — the recall and precision go to single digits and the whole thing falls apart. And this is even if you index the all the right things and don’t index the wrong things such as a nice guitar riff in the middle of the brige — unless this is exactly what someone remembers from the song, etc., etc. Oh yeah, and a great number of songs cannot be hummed at all.

    But here’s some good news: there doesn’t seem to be much demand for it. Midomi is already morphing into a MySpace clone. The only difference is that, in addition to the countless “this is me!” pics, the kids can now post the “this is me singing!” clips. It really has nothing to do with search. Boolean operators? Not quite yet.

    PS. Here are some of the earlier QBH attempts that are still online: