• http://www.facebook.com/praveen.sharmaa Praveen Sharma

    That’s right Trond. Diagnosis of a problem is as important as its treatment. But situation gets worst when you are dealing with someone having no patience and needs result within few (2-3) months. They don’t want to go as per your plan, as they believe its waste of time sometimes. In the end, you have to lose your that client.

  • http://twitter.com/thiruseo Thirumalai

    Great Article, Even after diagnosis, some patients are not willing to take the medicine which doctor prescribed. Likewise some clients not co-operate with us in main aspect suggested by SEO expert, like changing site structure, adding quality content and so on. What the hell we can do with such clients?

  • http://twitter.com/rogerweavers Roger Weavers

    It surprises me that there are so many companies offering “off the shelf” SEO packages. How does the client know which package to choose? They simply buy on price hoping it is enough to improve their rankings. I agree that a lot of research and analysis to be put in before providing an SEO, every site is different.

  • Claaarky

    The majority of SEO’s lack the in depth knowledge and experience to really significantly help their clients and rely on client churn for a living.

    Every SEO I have hired believed they could help me significantly, they produced copious amounts of reports to illustrate the problem and then told me how they would address those problems within 6-12 months and what it would cost. But all failed.

    They all had the same approach to diagnosis and naturally they all came to similar conclusions. All assumed that, because they could see lots of issues, those must be THE issues with my site and didn’t dig any deeper until, 12 months later, their solution hadn’t worked. By that point it was clear they didn’t know what my problem really was, so we parted company.

    Some SEO’s will happily take a client’s monthly payment even when they can see the client is struggling to hold up their end of the bargain due to lack of resources, skill or other priorities. A good SEO would wade in to fill that gap and keep the project on course, but most know deep down inside they won’t get any results and it’s a nice get-out if you can blame the client.

    Realistically, the sort of SEO every client wants and deserves is very rare. The time required to do the job properly would push costs way out of the range of most clients, but if every SEO was honest about the costs they’d have no clients, so they offer a watered down version that inevitably fails to produce results.

  • Rick

    Excellent post Trond. The problem is that the majority of “SEO”s don’t care or have the knowledge to take an in depth look at their clients businesses. If throwing a bunch of worthless backlinks towards the clients site doesn’t do the trick, then they’re out of luck as well as the client. Each client is different as are their needs. If more SEO’s took a consultative selling approach towards their clients, entire industry would be better off.

    The other main problem is that everyone from web hosts to the yellow pages now offers SEO services for some token fee, so the clients expectations are that for some nominal fee that all their SEO problems will be solved with a ‘one shoe fits all solution’. I refuse to take on a new client without spending a lot of time getting to know their business as well as their industry. It’s what it takes to get it right.