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How are you feeling about travel and in-person events next year? Before you keep scrolling, we’d love it if you’d take a quick moment to answer our 5 question survey on attending conferences in 2021. When we floated this poll in July, just 3 out of 10 respondents said they were likely to attend an in-person event in the first half of next year. 

If your business needs to comply with CCPA, take a look at your settings in Facebook Events Manager. If Limited Data Use is set to “Keep default transition period,” you could be out of compliance. That transition period ended July 31 — yes July, crazy, right?  It’s been a bizarre process to say the least.

When I spoke with Simon Poulton and Akvile DeFazio last month about how to reduce the complexities of implementing LDU and what advertisers are currently doing to manage marketing to California, Akvile said roughly 60% of the marketers she polled are currently setting up separate California campaigns in Facebook

For those of us coming back from the long holiday weekend, here’s a rundown of some recent happenings in the industry to jog your memory and get you caught up for the short week:

• Google is running an experiment to make RSAs the default search ad type for some users.
• Then it informed advertisers in the UK, Austria and Turkey that advertisers will be paying the digital services taxes those countries intended Google, Facebook, and other tech giants to pay.
• Then it angered, by my entirely unofficial count, 99% of paid search marketers by saying it’s going to limit search query data advertisers can see to those searched by a “significant” number of users.
• Microsoft Advertising’s new UI is out for everyone, and it expanded audience targeting for LinkedIn Profile, dynamic remarketing (shopping) and in-market audiences.
• iOS 14 will allow users to add photos and rate a business natively within Apple Maps. Apple also said it is delaying IDFA opt-in requirements until next year.
• If you license photos, be sure to note the (relatively) new structured data that powers the “licensable” label that now appears in Google Images. 

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Search Shorts

Slashes, Googlebot and one page sitemaps.

 Double slashes twice. Google’s John Mueller said do not use double slashes twice in your URLs.

Googlebot on Chrome v85. It looks like Googlebot is now on the latest stable version of Chrome, version 85.

Sitemaps for one page. Does it make sense to have an XML sitemap file if you have just one page? John Mueller of Google suggests not.

Videoconferencing in GMB. A video button linking to Google Meet, Zoom and other providers, appeared in the GMB dashboard. Not fully implemented, it suggests Google will enable video classes and meetings in the local business profile. 


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Social Short

TikTok launches Marketing Partner Program, expands branded AR offering

TikTok will soon be offering a wide variety of branded AR experiences under its recently announced TikTok for Business Marketing Partner Program via partnership with Bare Tree Media. The goal is to use AR to build more engaged consumer experiences through targeted content. 

Bare Tree Media is a provider of design and development for branded AR experiences within mobile messaging platforms. For the partnership Bare Tree Media will develop branded 2D and 3D AR features for current and new TikTok clients. 

The partnership will allow marketers to access more dynamic tools to create, measure and advertisement campaigns and their performance. 

Why we care. Snapchat pioneered branded AR, but this partnership could help TikTok’s young ad business take the AR mantle. The Marketing Partner program is aimed at helping more brands run and measure campaigns on the platform and includes roughly 20 vendors. The company is also continuing to move forward with plans to build its ad business despite the unknown fate of its U.S. operations. 


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