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I’ll be chatting with Nicole DeLeon, Amanda Jordan and Aledya Solis today at 1:00 p.m. ET on Live with Search Engine Land about closing the gender gap in SEO.

Does consolidating content — taking down, redirecting, updating — make you nervous? There’s good reason to get past the fear and think about how to make the most of the content you have. Lily Ray of Path Interactive asked Google’s Martin Splitt whether it makes sense to consolidate two similar pieces of content into one article. His answer: “Definitely.” Of course there will be exceptions to doing that, but consolidation can help improve your SEO impact, so don’t be shy. 

Google says it now uses BERT to match News stories with fact checks. The company talked about that as well as other Search reliability initiatives ahead of the U.S. presidential election, including limiting auto-complete on election-related queries.

Today marks the 19th year since 9/11, and as my colleague Taylor Peterson noted, the commemorations will look a lot different this year with featured recorded readings from family members and a socially-distanced family gathering in Memorial Plaza. The museum offers guided virtual tours and an interactive video experience

“All of which is to say: Today is an important day. It’s also a case study on how, despite the circumstances, technology enables us to share in these experiences, participate, and collectively reflect on important moments,” writes Taylor. “Even while apart, we’re embracing new ways to learn, connect with others, and be present – if even virtually. That’s powerful.”

Well put.

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Social Shorts

Facebook wants those college kids back

Facebook launched Facebook Campus yesterday with an announcement that reads like it was written back when Mark Zuckerberg was in that dorm at Harvard — complete with needing a .edu to sign up: “We wanted to create a product where it was easy for classmates to meet each other, foster new relationships and also easily start conversations.” It’s available at roughly 30 U.S. campuses now.

Why we care.  Facebook’s “young person problem” isn’t new, but this is squarely aimed at trying to fix it with something other than Instagram. We know what you’re wondering. No, there won’t be advertising in the Campus Feed, but Facebook tells users it “may use your activity from Facebook Campus to personalize your experience on our apps to show you more relevant content, including ads. This means your activity on Facebook may influence what you see in Campus, and your activity in Campus may influence what you see elsewhere on Facebook.”


Webinar: Great Marketing Starts with Better Planning

We can all agree that 2021 can’t come soon enough, and as your start thinking about what next year could look like, the strategic planning process needs to be as good or better than the tactics that your team will produce and execute. But in the “next normal” we find ourselves in, what should strategic planning look like? Join our experts to learn best practices, tips, and strategies that work to improve your strategic marketing planning for next year and beyond.

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Search Shorts

Sign the Google Ads search term report petition.

Google Ads petition. There is a petition the SEM industry is signing to compel Google Ads to not hide search term data from advertisers.  Will the petition make Google change anything? That remains to be seen.

Local ranking weirdness. If you noticed ranking changes last week in Google Local results, you are not alone. But the good news is that it seems to have reversed itself.

Nosnippet. Google’s John Mueller reminds us that the “nosnippet is just to prevent text from the page from being used as a snippet. The page and a title may still be shown. Usually for sitelinks, the problems I’ve seen come from a site-structure that can be improved (internal linking).”


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