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Consider these statements: 

When you don’t see people like you, you end up devaluing yourself. — Amanda Jordan

Not seeing yourself reflected makes it harder to ask for a raise or think you can get on a big stage. — Aleyda Solis

You often have to lean in 2x as hard as a woman. It can be hard to keep up the momentum. — Nicole DeLeon

Those are from notes I jotted down during our Live with Search Engine Land discussion on closing the gender gap in SEO because they really struck — and resonated — with me. In addition to talking about their experiences, we discussed Nicole’s research on (the lack of) representation and pay equity, the importance of intentionality in affecting change, why men should be part of the conversation, the benefits of building a network of female and male allies and resources such as and much more. It was a dynamic discussion, and the full replay will be up on Search Engine Land and our YouTube channel soon. Let’s keep the conversation going — be sure to follow Nicole, Amanda and Aleyda.

Also on Friday, we launched the inaugural Search Engine Land Award for Advancing Diversity & Inclusion In Search Marketing. Nominations are now open through October 9. You may nominate as many organizations or individuals as you feel deserve the recognition. 

Did you know? The data and signals that make up Google’s core search algorithm updates do get updated regularly between Google core updates, John Mueller confirmed with Barry Schwartz last week. That means sites may see some recovery between updates. “It’s not something that requires a site to kind of wait for the next update to have a chance to be seen differently. They can continue working on things and things can improve over time,” he told Barry.

Keep reading for Barry’s daily Search Shorts and more. 

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Establishing brand loyalty with Gen Z

Research from Snap and Kantar shows that Gen Z has a high rate of brand preference based on their likelihood to prefer 1-3 brands above others across a number of categories such as athletic apparel, haircare and luxury apparel. 

Why we care. There are 1.2 billion Gen Zers — teens and young adults ages 15-24 — by their brand preferences influence their own purchases as well as those of their households. For marketers aiming to reach this audience, the research underscores the importance of understanding the values that will motivate Gen Z audiences to strongly prefer your brand over the competition.


Top tips for improving your Google Quality Score

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Search Shorts

Bing and hreflang, Google My Business bug and a new Google easter egg

Bing and hreflang. Fabrice Canal from Microsoft Bing said that hreflang is a weak signal for the Bing search engine.

Google My Business bug. Ben Fisher said there is a bug with Google My Business when you try to change the address for a service area business. Do not try it now, wait for Google to fix the bug.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Do a search on Google for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and then click on that license plate. You will see a cool new Google easter egg.


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