Good morning, first how about some Monday motivation? 

Raise your hand (don’t drop your coffee) if you’ve ever felt impostor syndrome. Now, know that you are in good company. Regardless of what level we reach in our careers, it seems, feelings of impostor syndrome creep in. This came up in my recent conversation with Amanda Jordan, Nicole DeLeon and Aleyda Solis — all incredibly accomplished SEOs — on the gender gap in SEO, and why allies and networking are so critical

So, how do we prevent impostor syndrome from holding us back or discouraging us from sharing what we’ve learned, regardless of where we are in our careers? 

I really loved what Aleyda said — it’s great advice for all of us: 

Mentoring, said Aleyda, “taught me to understand that we all have good things to share, that there are other people who will always be in different stages that we can definitely help. It’s not that you need to be the absolute expert at something… So it’s important to control that imposter syndrome that can definitely happen at every stage of your career.”

Good allies help others recognize their own potential and shake off impostor syndrome.

“To me, the most important thing is just to be eager to learn, find good allies, find good mentors. Join programs for people and women in digital marketing and tech SEO and in SEO in general, and try to make connections,” said Amanda.

Whether you’re looking to mentor, start speaking or gain confidence to share what you know with your peers, we’ve compiled a list of networking resources for women in search here. 

I’m sure we’re missing some. If you have other resources to share, send them along: And, if you have good impostor syndrome killers, I’d love to hear those, too. 

Keep reading for a look at how Amazon DSP’s creeping into Google’s territory, new Reddit ad targeting options and, of course, your daily Search Shorts. 

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Values drive value

For a brand, trying to embrace an inclusive approach means shifting your company’s mindset from product-centric to human-centric. Because people want to spend their money with companies that share their values. If brands don’t demonstrate those values, then people can’t connect.

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Pro Tip

Why Amazon DSP is chipping away at Google’s market share

“At first glance, Amazon DSP might not seem like anything Google should lose sleep over. Frankly, as a software tool, it’s fairly no-frills: there are other ad management platforms that are easier to use and come with more bells and whistles. But Amazon DSP comes with one killer feature: access to first-party data about the way consumers browse and spend on Amazon,” writes Andrew Waber of Teikametrics.

“Essentially, access to Amazon’s data means that you can target ads based on individual consumers’ actual spending habits, purchasing histories, and product-focused browsing habits — an incredibly rich and potent source of intelligence that allows extremely precise profiling and audience segmentation.”

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Social Short

Reddit adds brand safety and scale levers

Reddit launched Inventory Types for advertisers last week. The three tiers of inventory are based on campaign objectives, brand safety requirements and targeting:

  • Expanded Inventory: As the name suggests, use this option to access Reddit’s broadest pool of inventory. Reddit says the tier opens up “more than 20% more communities” that meet its content standards. (Not all communities/subreddits are monetized.)
  • Standard Inventory: This is the default setting that aims to balance the reach and brand safety needs of most advertisers.
  • Limited Inventory: The strictest setting uses 3rd party verification powered by Oracle Data Cloud’s contextual intelligence.

Why we care. Brand safety on Reddit has long been a key concern of advertisers. All of the tiers have some level of brand safety, but the options now offer advertisers more control and the ability to further prioritize suitability over scale if desired. 


How to adapt and become a purpose-driven company

There is a new normal now, and a business should be a force for good. But if you are rethinking your business strategy to live up to that expectation, how do you get started?

According to Afdhel Aziz, author of Good is the New Cool, start with the “five Cs.”

  1. Understand your Customers
  2. Look at the Competition
  3. Find  strong Collaborators
  4. Identify your Challenges
  5. Establish your Culture

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Learn the benefits of using a customer data platform and compare top vendors

MarTech Today’s “Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide ” examines the market for customer data platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. This report answers the following questions — What features do CDPs provide? What trends are driving the adoption of CDPs? Does your company need a CDP? — It also includes profiles leading vendors, capabilities comparisons, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Search Shorts

Response codes, canonical and legal matters.

410 vs 400 response code. The 410 vs 400 response code issue in Google Search Console reports is a known issue. Google is on it said John Mueller of Google.

Canonical confusion. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter “the confusing part is we only mostly focus on canonical URLs, for some search features we track the shown URLs in the performance report (eg, sitelinks track as the shown URL). Depending on where pages from a site are mostly shown, that can be more or less visible.”

Wrongful information. Google said it doesn’t have a policy for when someone wrongly mentions a company as being associated with another company, it is more of a legal matter versus a Google matter.


Insights to reimagine your holiday 2020 planning

Sponsored by Microsoft Advertising

The holiday consumer’s journey starts with search. As the pandemic continues, your brand should be relying on it more than ever. To help you navigate this uncertain environment here’s five insights we’ve generated at Microsoft Advertising to help your holiday planning:

  1. Holiday retail sales often stay strong even when consumers say they’re cutting back
  2. Consumer preference for online shopping will boost e-commerce sales dramatically
  3. Consumers want contactless shopping
  4. Plan your campaign around holiday shopping trends
  5. People want to purchase from brands they trust

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