Good morning, Marketers, Prime Day is on.

If you’re a retail or e-commerce advertiser, you might want to check how Amazon is trending in Auction Insights. If it’s anything like the accounts I’m seeing, it’s trending up. 

Google announced some updates on the attribution front yesterday. It has lowered data requirements for the data-driven attribution model that uses machine-learning to assign conversion credits to Search and Shopping ad engagements. Instead of 15,000 ad interactions and 600 conversion events, advertisers can be eligible for DDA if they receive at least 3,000 ad interactions and 300 conversion events in the past 30 days. To see if DDA is available, go to your individual conversion event settings from Tools > Conversions in the Google Ads UI. 

Google also announced that YouTube campaigns are getting incorporated into Google Ads attribution reports. This means you’ll be able to see how your YouTube and Search campaigns work together to generate conversions. If you’re using Google Ads conversion tracking, YouTube clicks and video engagements will show in attribution reports.

Keep reading for a look at the impact of video in Story ads, your daily Search Shorts and more.  

Ginny Marvin

Social Short

Video Story ads drive higher engagement than images

If link clicks are your primary objective for your Instagram Story ads, you should consider using video. The average click-through rate on Instagram image story ads is .29% compared to .59% for video story ads, according to a study from Socialinsider and The study looked at 661,565 stories and 64,571 story ads published between April 2019 and September 2020.

Why we care. Link clicks ranked as the top objective for Story ads in the study, followed by conversions. However, video Story ads also outperformed images on tap forward and exit rates and had higher reply rates. The study found 52% of brand Stories are already using video to boost performance and engagement.


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Search Shorts

More Google search bugs, are you keeping score?

Sports scores break. Yet another Google Search bug occurred this weekend, this time with some sports scores. Google confirmed this on Sunday and said it was working on a fix.

Right-to-left in Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools now supports right-to-left languages, like Arabic and Hebrew, in Bing Webmaster Tools, said Fabrice Canal of Microsoft.

Next Google virtual conference. Martin Splitt from Google said it is currently the plan to host the next virtual Google webmaster conference in February 2021.


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