Good morning, does your podcast have an SEO strategy? 

Podcasts have been gaining in popularity for years. Last year, Google began showing podcasts and then playable podcast episodes right in the search results. And with that, the relationship between podcast marketing and SEO began in earnest. 

Google is now giving podcast creators and marketers more insights about how their podcasts and episodes surface in Google Search results. The Google Podcast Manager is both a distribution (across Search, Assistant and the Google Podcasts apps) and an analytics platform for podcasts. It offers listening insights, including when listeners drop off, the types of devices they’re using to listen as well as Search impressions, clicks and the search terms used to find episodes on Google. 

You’ll need to “claim” your podcast in Google Podcast Manager. Barry Schwartz has a screen shot of the new Google Podcast Manager reporting in his coverage from yesterday. 

Keep reading for a look at Prime Day estimates and why marketers need to be watching for the pinch it might put on holiday inventory supplies. 

Ginny Marvin,


Prime Day 2020 likely to be a(nother) record-breaker

The second and final day of Prime Day 2020 is now underway. U.S. sales on are estimated to top $6.17 billion and global sales will soar well above previous years to $9.91 billion, according to Emarketer. The research firm notes this is the first time Amazon is running Prime Day in Brazil and Turkey. The biggest difference this Prime Day, of course, is he October instead of July timing duie to the pandemic. 

Why we care. Prime Day in October gives retailers an early start to and outlook on the holiday season. With so many supply chain challenges this year, including challenges getting inventory into Amazon, many merchants may face holiday stock-outs. Marketers will need to pay close attention to inventory levels when managing advertising and promotional campaigns.


SEO's: Optimize your landing pages and convert more users with less traffic

With so much riding on your landing pages, and only seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, it makes sense to optimize those pages for customer conversion. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. In this white paper from 97th Floor, you’ll learn the methodology of multivariate testing and why it might be the SEO tool to beat.

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Search Shorts

Sorry, it is your fault, not ours.

Date wrong, your fault. Google was asked why would Google get the date wrong in the search result snippets. Gary Illyes said on Twitter “dunno for sure, but most often this happens when there’s overwhelming evidence showing that you, the website owner who made the change, are wrong.”

Reconsideration request timing. How long do you need to wait for a reconsideration request from Google? It depends.  John Mueller of Google said “there’s no defined time for a reconsideration request to be processed; sometimes it’s a week or so, sometimes it’s a few months.”

M-dots and hreflang. Sometimes, John Mueller said, that Google can show an m-dot URL in the search results if there is hreflang. He said “that can happen. Sometimes that’s because of hreflang, which can have effects like that with m-dot sites.”


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CTV and B2B: 3 reasons why Connected TV advertising is primed for B2B

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to deploy tactics and strategies that work. But if everyone’s following the same playbook, then you risk getting lost in the shuffle; you’re just another booth at the event or email in a prospect’s inbox. That said, if the key motivation of the B2B mindset is to put results above all else, then that provides you a different option. 

That option is Connected TV advertising. It’s made a splash in the B2C world because it has given advertisers a data-fueled way to run ads on television. CTV advertising’s targeting and measurement capabilities have made it a vital, direct-response tool for many marketers. And those same advantages translate seamlessly to B2B—while simultaneously giving you a way to cut through the usual B2B clutter.

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