Good morning, Marketers, are you feeling the holiday crunch?

With Prime Day in the rearview, we can start to get an indication of what to expect and plan for (the earlier the better this year) this retail season. Competition is likely to be steeper than ever. Many brands saw CPCs jump considerably during the two-day event, which took a bite out of ROAS. Most of all, don’t wait until Thanksgiving to start dialing up your campaigns. 

More than 60% of U.S. consumers said they’ll start holiday shopping earlier, according to a Google survey. And, one-third of consumers said they plan to complete their holiday shopping much earlier this year, a Feedvisor survey found. These shifts in consumer behavior coupled with ongoing logistics challenges mean it’s time to get your holiday cheer on now. 

On that note, Facebook is out with several advertising features ahead of the holidays, including new audiences and Instagram product tag ads as well as a U.S. test to run discounts in Facebook Shops. The company continues to invest heavily in mobile shopping and e-commerce capabilities. 

React frameworks have grown popular for the experiences they can bring to web (app) pages. There are nuances to keep in mind for SEO, however. Detlef Johnson has a deep dive for using React or Vue with NodeJS and other backend stacks, complete with code for analysis. 

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Social Short

Facebook makes moves into Nextdoor’s neighborhood

Facebook confirmed it is testing “Neighborhoods” in Canada — Calgary, specifically, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. “More than ever, people are using Facebook to participate in their local communities,” Facebook said in a statement to Bloomberg. “To help make it easier to do this, we are rolling out a limited test of Neighborhoods, a dedicated space within Facebook for people to connect with their neighbors.”

Why we care. Antitrust, antishmust. Moving into or copying rival territory is nothing new for Facebook. Nextdoor has built an entire social networking product around neighborhood connections, and as Bloomberg notes, it is looking at an IPO. Nextdoor has expanded its advertising business beyond realtors and now includes options for local businesses as well as for national brands. If the pilot expands, Facebook’s Neighborhoods could make it much harder for Nextdoor to compete for marketing dollars.


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Search Shorts

Augmented reality for cars in Google Search

AR for cars in search. Car manufacturers can now show their cars in 3D in Google Search with the new augmented reality support.

Search Console e-commerce training. Daniel Waisberg of Google posted a new training video today for Search Console, this one is on SEO for e-commerce.

Hack content issues. One of the many downsides of not having the request indexing tool working right now in Search Console is that it will take longer for SEOs to help Google remove hacked content issues in Google search.

Commented out HTML and links. Google’s Martin Splitt said that while Google does discover and index links in your commented out HTML, it does not use those links for ranking purposes.


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Where many PPC marketers go wrong with automation

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Automation is great… when applied as one part of a more strategic approach to solving needs in our society. But automation isn’t foolproof. It’s not perfect. And it doesn’t fully take into account all variables, particularly intangibles.

Humans possess the essential traits of intuition, intellect, improvisational flair and insight. The human still plays the pivotal role in paid search. Sure, it’s possible to create functional, competent PPC by putting things essentially on autopilot. But who wants to just be functional?

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