Good morning, may all your brands and retailers have a wildly successful Cyber Monday.

We’ll be digging into the retail data throughout the week. We’d love to hear about your experiences:

Meanwhile in the SERPs, there is a funky test happening in Google Featured Snippets. Google confirmed to us, last week, that it is testing showing multiple links and content sources in web stories-style featured snippets

Google highlights jargon or technical terms in a snippet to give users more context. Users can get the info by hovering over the linked words and choose to click through to the reference sites. Clicking through on the snippet itself would take users to a Google page — at the time of this writing, these links were 404ing. 

It’s a small test and Google said it is going to be refining the experience, acknowledging the iteration, first spotted by Brodie Clark, has shortcomings. For publishers, these web stories are problematic for a couple of reasons, writes Barry Schwartz:

“First, Google is taking publisher’s featured snippets and adding links to sites that are not yours – links you did not add.

Second, Google is using their own AI to build these web stories and sourcing them as some featured snippets. Google’s AI builds this content based on numerous sources of content on the web, possibly partially from your own site. Are you getting credit?”

Ginny Marvin

Social Short

Snapchat promotes it’s TikTok rival feed Spotlight on Twitter

Along with the announcement last week, Snapchat began promoting its new Spotlight feed on Twitter. Aimed squarely at TikTok, Snapchat’s Spotlight promoted posts highlight the curation of “the best of Snapchat” for users and the potential monetary reward for creators whose videos are chosen. TikTok also is no stranger to advertising on Twitter. 

Why we care. Snapchat is investing heavily in Spotlight to draw creator and user engagement in the face of TikTok’s rapid growth. The strategy is to pay creators whose Spotlight videos catch on. Any user can submit videos for Spotlight consideration, regardless of following, for a chance at a share of the $1 million daily lottery.    


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Search Shorts

Did Google release a Thanksgiving search update?

Thanksgiving Google search update. There are some signs of a possible Google search ranking update this week, the week of Thanksgiving.  The chatter is somewhat limited but the tools are mostly all showing big changes.  

Private domain registration. Google’s John Mueller said that using private domain name whois registration does not hurt your rankings in search.

URL prefix tool. Want to get some weird URLs out of Google Search? John Mueller from Google said “use URL or prefix-removal requests in Search Console to hide them.”


How to ensure customers know you care

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“Think about the scale of your business,” said Andrew LeClair, senior product marketing manager at Pegasystems. “You’re trying to manage literally billions of interactions, with millions of customers, across hundreds and hundreds of programs, on dozens and dozens of channels — and that’s a lot of complexity. And unfortunately, that complexity leaves us exposed. There’s not a lot of chances for us to get it right, but there’s a ton of opportunities for things to go wrong, and it only takes one poor experience and the customer is out the door.”

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