Good morning, Marketers, did you know Google took away my Doodles?

Long time readers of Search Engine Land may remember that we used to cover many of the fun Google logos, aka Doodles, that Google would surprise us with on their homepage.  It started off as a personal hobby, where I’d cover it on my search blog and then I noticed those Doodles would, on occasion, drive huge traffic to the site.  So we tried it also on Search Engine Land and it worked there too.  

The issue is, the traffic was not on topic for our audience – search marketers, it didn’t really add any value – so we paused covering the Doodles. But if you ever look, you will see that many large publishers, including publishers like Newsweek, CNET, TIME magazine and many more would cover these Doodles for the traffic.

I noticed that this past Sunday, Google added a “Behind this Doodle” box in the search results that pushes down all the news stories about the Doodle and gives a short description of the Doodle with more details from the Google Doodles site. I guess that traffic source, for some publishers, have been cut out, just like that. But if you think of it, they are Google Doodles.

Barry Schwartz,
Doodle enthusiast

Google tool for reporting domain verification and user management issues with Search Console

Google is piloting a program to allow some users to contact Google over Search Console domain verification and user management issues.

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Google says more detailed descriptions will improve your job posting pages

In short, just include more details about your job posting in the description property of the structured data.

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Webinar Tomorrow: How to Achieve Consistent SEO Gains

SEO is the largest contributor of pageviews but is typically underinvested compared to paid programs. A big reason why marketers underinvest in SEO is that they don’t achieve consistent results. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join iQuanti’s Wayne Cichanski VP, search and site experience, as he reveals common SEO mistakes and what it takes to achieve consistent organic growth.

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Performance Max campaigns are now widely available and will include Smart Shopping and Local campaigns in 2022

Advertisers that rely on Smart Shopping and Local campaigns should test Performance Max campaigns before the change occurs next year.

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Microsoft Advertising updates include Smart Shopping campaigns rollout and GTM integration

Microsoft Advertising has said they focus on automating the repetitive tasks of search advertising so that marketers can focus on the creative and strategic endeavors and these features and updates enforce that concept.

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Google updates AdSense Policy center look, adds new feature updates for advertisers

The announcement also indicates that upcoming features include "enabling screenshots of issues in the Policy center. This will help you pinpoint exactly where the issue is, and give you the context to fix it quickly."

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Next week: Expert-led search marketing training, streamed right to your computer

Join us online next week at SMX to unlock four tactic-rich tracks exploring SEO, PPC, content, and solutions… plus an all-new track devoted to professional development and tips for leveling up your career. It’s all yours for just $289.

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Google Chrome makes Omnibox prefetch faster for your default search engine

This not only will work in Chrome for Google Search but potentially can work for any default search provider.

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Yahoo! withdraws from China, becoming the second major American tech company in a month to leave the country

"In recognition of the increasingly challenging business and legal environment in China, Yahoo’s suite of services will no longer be accessible from mainland China as of November 1," Yahoo! said.

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  • Guest blog post detection. Google uses many signals to detect guest blog posts, John Mueller, a Google Search Advocate said, and it is not just about the anchor text of the links in that post.
  • Read receipts in Google messaging. Google My Business has a messaging platform to chat with customers within Google Maps and Google Search. Well, now you can turn on or off read receipts, so customers can see or not see if you read their messages. 
  • Most negatively impacted by Google core updates. They say you are not a real SEO until you experience getting hit by a Google algorithm update.  So I am happy to report that a Twitter poll showed that most SEOs have said they were impacted in a negative way by a Google core update.
  • Become a spam fighter. Google is hiring a Search Quality Analyst, that is the more official name for a search spam fighter.  If you love search and spam, this might be a good job for you. More details on this job are posted here.

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