Good morning, Marketers, poor customer service didn’t ruin my Thanksgiving, but it didn’t help.

Years ago, I bought a family phone plan with some relatives. I’ve been off of it for over a year, but because I was the one who set it up, my “high security” pin was required to allow my relatives to bring their old phone number over to a new carrier. By the time they decided to do so, which happened to be Thanksgiving Day, I had long forgotten the code.

So, a relative (the host, actually) decided that, because I was physically present and Thanksgiving was the final day of the billing period, they would call customer service — on speaker phone, in the middle of the living room. Saving you the awkward family drama details, let’s just say 40 minutes and three customer service representatives later and the issue was never resolved.

The lesson here for marketers: These kinds of negative experiences are avoidable and usher your customers towards your competitors. Overlooking the after-purchase experience feels personal for customers and undermines your other marketing efforts. And the lesson for my relatives? Maybe customer service calls are best done without your whole family listening.

George Nguyen,

Cyber Week may be giving way to Cyber Month, according to Adobe

Online consumer spend over Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend have failed to outperform last year’s figures, but the full season is still expected grow 10% YoY.

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Google Merchant Center now automatically displays badge eligibility for products

Merchants no longer have to manually figure out which badge is being applied to each of their items.

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7 best link-building services for SEO performance

Having high-quality links to your site is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. It’s a key trust signal for search engines and an indication that people like your content and your brand.

Here is a list of some link-building services to help you achieve improved SEO results.

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Google drops its mobile-first indexing deadline, leaves it open-ended

Google said because of some difficulties that some sites may have moving to mobile-first indexing, it has decided to not move those sites over yet..

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Webinar: Your New Year’s Marketing Resolution: Master the Art of Saying No With These Six Steps

Urgent requests make it hard to prioritize the most strategic jobs. But when you standardize and centralize the entire process, you can make data-driven resource decisions and ensure the most strategic work gets done first. In this webinar, join Adobe Workfront as they share six proven methods to handle the onslaught of marketing requests, prioritize the most important work, and increase your value to make 2022 your best year yet.

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Google says it values all local reviews, both positive and negative

Google has updated their help documents to say it finds a mix of reviews more trustworthy.

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Tell us if you are planning to attend in-person events in 2022

Please answer this quick, 3-minute survey and tell us how you are feeling about attending conferences in the coming year.

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SMX Build: Free one-day intensive for serious SEOs

If you’re an SEO craving cutting-edge tactics that move the needle, you won’t want to miss SMX Build: SEO for Developers — a FREE one-day training intensive that explores the tools, testing, tactics, and strategies advanced SEOs need to know.

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  • Google issued credits for Shopping ads bug. Right before the holiday weekend, Google began issuing credits due to a bug that caused CPCs to spike about two and a half weeks ago. The credit only applies to affected advertisers (ones that used Shopping ads with Smart Bidding during the bug).
  • #ByebyeJack. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has tweeted his resignation as CEO. He has also named the company’s CTO, Parag Agrawal, as his replacement.
  • Just for fun. For (almost assuredly NOT) the last time, being an SEO doesn’t mean you work for Google. And, that Page Experience update sure did have teeth, didn’t it?

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