Good morning, Marketers, those who fail to prepare prepare to fail.

Now that the holidays are in the rearview, I thought it might be prudent to mention some dates you might want to put on your calendar:

In addition, Google’s buildout of Google Analytics 4 features also means that we’re steadily marching towards the demise of Universal Analytics. And on the paid side, we’re certain to hear more about FLoC and the deprecation of third-party cookies as we make our way through 2022.

Those dates will be here before we know it, so set aside some time with your team to ensure everything is in place for when they come around.

George Nguyen,

Microsoft releases IndexNow plugin for WordPress

Microsoft Bing has released a plugin for WordPress to let you easily integrate the IndexNow protocol on your WordPress site.

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PPC campaign launch checklist

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Google fixes user and permissions issue with Search Console

Full user permissions no longer shows as delegated owners for some - this is now resolved.

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Best Buy to sell search ads under its own in-house media company

Best Buy Ads offers consumer electronics and related brands with a Google alternative to reach customers.

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