Good morning, Marketers, and the R.A.C.E. continues. 

Over the past couple of months, Search Engine Land contributor Marcela De Vivo has been sharing insights on how to find success in SEO through the R.A.C.E. framework (Research, Audit, Create, Empower). 

So far, we’ve gone through the foundational research:

Now we’ve gotten to what Marcela calls the fun part. In her latest article, she walks you through how to create captivating, compelling and optimized content. And as she reminds us: “The content creation journey is the glue that makes SEO stick.” So get reading, get inspired and get creating.

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

How to create captivating, compelling and optimized content

Learn how to identify entities and topically-related keywords, optimize for on-page elements and build content that will stand out.

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Snapchat now offers Dynamic Ads for Travel

Snapchat appeals to brands on the heels of a post-pandemic bounce back to travel with the introduction of dynamic ads.

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Webinar: Content Comes First--Transform Your Operations With DAM

Disorganized content workflows can be a recipe for disaster. Join us and learn how your team can transform how content is created and used across your organization.

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Why you should give Google Analytics 4 a chance

There are a lot of big and valid complaints about Google Analytics 4. But you should go all-in. Here's why.

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4 elements of good content, according to Google research 

What makes a piece of content good? Google's research says it should be intellectual, sensorial, stimulating and emotional.

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Google’s May 2022 core update was significant and hit fast

The data is in early from the tracking tools and here is what these tools are showing with the latest Google algorithm update.

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