Good morning, Marketers, e-commerce SEO has always been complex.

In the old days, it was about making sure your SEO unfriendly e-commerce content management system was able to be crawled and indexed properly. Do you remember the days where these platforms generated a new URL, session ID, for each click and the product URLs did not have permanent or consistent URLs for search engines to crawl or index?

Today, we have to worry about pagination, canonicals, faceted navigation, unique product content, product variants, schema, rich results and so much more. 

The good news? There are plenty of SEO-friendly platforms now. But you still need a skilled SEO professional to manage all the configurations required to make sure you tweak the most out of your e-commerce site.

Barry Schwartz,
E-commerce shopper

Google updated guidelines for product variants pages and rich results

If you have pages with product variant switches, it may reduce your chances to show rich results in Google Search.

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Google aware of Performance Max Product Listing tab date comparison bug

The bug doesn't show any data when you attempt to compare date ranges.

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Drive performance and better digital customer experiences

Join Michelle Lerner, senior director at Bench Metrics and AWS, for a special conversation and hands-on solution demonstration.

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How to measure the value of SEO with CTR

At SMX Advanced, Jessica Bowman and Avinash Conda shared how CTR is a simple, effective way to prove the worth of their SEO efforts.

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Every time you type a question into Google, the results page can look completely different

There are more than 40 different interactive elements or SERP features that can appear. Similarweb analyzed the most popular and the best strategies.

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Google increases Local Search Ads review requirements

Some US business categories may see their Local Search Ads disabled until they meet the new requirement.

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Google cuts back on SEO office hours format, frequency

This is a substantial change to the original format that has been so helpful to SEOs over the past decade.

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SEO market overview

SEO remains the stalwart mainstay of digital marketing, driving as much as 53% of a website’s traffic. This report reviews the market for SEO platforms, plus the latest trends, challenges, and leading vendors.

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Meta introducing new monetization tools for creators on Facebook and Instagram

Competing for creators' attention, Meta is rolling out additional tools and updates allowing for further monetization on its platforms.

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The LinkedIn Funny emoji is here

It's no joke, but it is Funny. As promised, LinkedIn has finally delivered a new reaction type: its version of the laughing emoji.

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