AdWords Express launches notifications for calls from search ads

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  • After launching goal tracking in the platform last year, AdWords Express, the simplified ad platform designed for small business, is adding support around calls to a business with two types of call notifications.

    Now, when a call received via a search ad ends, the advertiser will get a notification on their phone to leave feedback about the relevancy of the call. The feedback prompt appears as a simple question that can be answered “yes,” “no” or “not sure”:

    The feedback will be delivered to Google, with the intention of improving targeting that will yield higher-quality calls over time.

    The other new offering provides a solution for small business owners who are often juggling more than one thing at a time and wind up missing calls from potential customers. Now, a notification will pop up from the AdWords Express app alerting the advertiser that a call was missed. The business owner can simply hit “Call Back” to get back in touch with the caller.

    These features can be enabled by going into the AdWords Express app and opting in for Account Updates within Settings.

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