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  • Want to get more out of Twitter but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks, straight from our agency insiders, on creating an impactful and engaging Twitter strategy.

    Find your voice

    Before you send out your first Tweet, you should establish a well-defined brand voice, which will set the tone for your entire Twitter strategy. Your brand voice should be fresh and original, convey your brand’s message, reflect your core values and most importantly, resonate with your audience in a personal way.  A talented writer whose style aligns with your brand is an invaluable asset when it comes to finding your voice.

    Take @Square, for example. They take on a friendly, helpful tone and act as both cheerleader and mentor for the small businesses that rely on them for transaction processing.

    Use editorial calendars

    Ever wonder how some brands seem to have an endless supply of content? It’s likely thanks to a well thought out editorial calendar. Agencies know both planning and organization are key to a great Twitter strategy, so employing a live, shared document where content is constantly being added, edited and adjusted is key. A calendar can help you be prepared for upcoming holidays and events, keep track of what worked and what didn’t and help to ensure that you have daily content planned.

    Don’t ‘schedule it and forget it’

    Scheduling Tweets is a great way to ensure that you are reaching your audience during the prime times they are online, even if it happens to be a time when you are not. Twitter also has their own scheduling tool, which anyone can use through the ads campaign dashboard. Remember though, that scheduling Tweets and not checking back frequently is a huge missed opportunity. To extend the reach of your content and keep your audience engaged, you want to check your Twitter activity often to reply to any Tweets, retweet relevant content and tap into trending conversations.

    Join Twitter Chats

    One of the best ways to not only grow your following, but grow it with the right followers, is to participate in Twitter Chats. There are chats for just about every topic under the sun, and participants tend to be folks who use Twitter to make lasting connections with other like-minded individuals and brands. In other words, extremely valuable followers who will help amplify your message and foster conversation around your brand by retweeting, replying and sharing your content. The key to Twitter Chats is to be an active participant by replying, retweeting, following new people and keeping the relationship going long after the chat has ended. If you can’t find a chat that makes sense for your brand, consider starting your own; just make sure you market it for maximum exposure.

    @buffer created #BufferChat to engage with their target audience.

    Be adaptable

    Planning ahead is great, but sometimes the best Tweets are created on the fly. Don’t be afraid to stray from the calendar if an opportunity presents itself.  Make sure to capitalize on trending topics, timely world events, or even just a great mention from someone else. One word of caution though: Do not use a tragedy as a branding opportunity. Tweet with caution during sensitive situations, and consider pausing any prescheduled Tweets.

    Create conversations

    Gone are the days of one-sided marketing, and that goes for your Tweets, too. Your Twitter strategy should be a healthy mix of @replies, organic Tweets and Twitter Ads and should also include questions and other conversation starters.

    Mix it up

    Experimenting with different types of content, and finding a balance that works for your audience, is key to a good Twitter strategy. Focus on having a balance of organic and Twitter Ads content. Strong paid campaigns can impact your organic Tweets and vice versa.

    With proper planning, continued tweaking and a little creativity, you can craft a Twitter strategy that both elevates your brand and fosters your community. Ready to start implementing these tips? Launch a new advertising campaign today.

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