Another study shows how featured snippets steal significant traffic from the top organic result

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  • A new study released today by Ahrefs shows how featured snippets have a negative impact on clicks to the first organic search result.

    Ahrefs analyzed two million featured snippets and found that the first organic result shows a significant drop in click-through rate when a featured snippet is present. Without a featured snippet, the first result gets a 26 percent click-through rate. With it, it only gets a 19.6 percent click-through rate, and the featured snippet gets an 8.6 percent click-through rate. Here is the chart from Ahrefs:

    The study also shows that the presence of a featured snippet means fewer clicks overall for the organic search results:

    Out of the 112 million keywords that Ahrefs analyzed:

    This follows another featured snippets study we posted last week that looked at 1.4 million queries and hundreds of thousands of featured snippets.

    I have only summarized some of the findings from the Ahrefs study, so check out the full results over here.

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