The Inconvienent Truth About Social Media Marketing

Social media is hot. Everyone wants to be on Digg’s home page. Link baiting, especially using things like numbered lists, imperative rules, or controversial hooks is the SEM strategy du jour. There’s just one — major — problem with spending so much time and effort on capturing the eyeballs of social media users. Social media […]


Four Reasons To Avoid Using Dates In URLs

Everything you do has a chance to provide a clean or dirty signal of relevancy to search engines and searchers. While a date in the URL may provide a signal of relevancy to some searchers looking for archived information, many people who are explicitly looking for old information will likely put a date in their […]

Link Building

Learning SEO The Hard Way & The Beauty Of Contrast

SEO strategy should be designed to provide optimal return within a given risk tolerance. If you can also plan for future changes while still having a good ROI in the current market, then it makes sense to do so. But you can’t always predict how search will change. When the Google Florida update occurred at […]


How To (Kind Of) Buy A #1 Organic Search Ranking On Google

Google adamantly denies that payment influences organic search engine rankings. In an ideal world that might be true, but exposure begets exposure. Here are some of the cheapest and fastest ways to get your message to the top of the search results without paying for every click.


A Crucial SEO Element: Web Site Credibility

Part of making a site a success from an SEO standpoint is making it credible and trustworthy. Being trustworthy means a site is more likely to draw high quality organic links, more likely to be mentioned in the press, and more likely to convert for consumers in your target market.


Lower Keyword Focus To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Before November of 2003 it was easy to rank well in Google for just about anything just by using the keywords in your anchor text and plastering the term everywhere in your page copy. I appreciate that, knowing that back then I ranked in Google’s top 10 results for search engine marketing without knowing much […]

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