Andy Atkins-Krüger

Andy Atkins-Krüger founded Webcertain – the multi-language international search marketing services business that runs the International Search Summit alongside SMX in Europe – and also includes the in-house business which specializes in supporting internal agencies within big groups with the specialist language needs.


A Glossary Of 15 Really Useful International Search Marketing Terms

A conversation with a number of international search marketers recently showed that their range of experience ranged from expert to beginner, despite their influential career positions. By the way, this doesn’t mean they weren’t all highly talented people – their routes to their positions were just very different. The discussion did make me realise the […]


Does Booming International Search Mask A Google Decline?

Google’s recent quarterly financial statements sounded pretty rosy overall. Many have much to celebrate in the figures. Stockbrokers and city analysts were much more worried about Google’s cunning share split. I haven’t seen a single commentator consider the US versus the rest of the world. Well, here it is! Let’s take the raw sales performance […]


Is Apple Is About To Launch A New Global Search Engine?

Did the headline catch your eye? I really wanted a teaser headline for this post which would entice people to read and discover the details of a new global search engine — but for that message, a teaser alone just wasn’t credible. But when I added the word “Apple” to the headline, it completely changed […]

Content Marketing

Do I Change My Site In The UK To Comply With New Cookie Laws?

People are generally vaguely aware that debates have been taking place in Europe over new legislation which principally affects the use of “Cookies”. European legislation is inevitably more complex than elsewhere because of the way it is drafted by the European Commission and then individually interpreted, translated and re-drafted by each country. Today, I’m focusing […]


Did International Markets Cause Google’s Loss Of Love On Wall Street?

Wall Street wasn’t terribly impressed with Google’s figures for the last quarter of 2011 announced after the bell last thursday. To a normal person, you would think that generating $2.71 billion profit and significantly beating your own previous quarters would be a cause for celebration. But these aren’t normal people and this isn’t a normal […]


Will Yahoo Remain A Global Player Under Scott Thompson?

For Yahoo, the new year got underway with the appointment of a new leader, Scott Thompson. Mr. Thompson’s appointment was announced on the 4th of January with him due to take up his responsibilities at the beginning of this week — so right now, he’ll be meeting his new team and finding out what really […]


Google’s New Multilingual Markup Signals New Issues Of Concern For Global SEOs

Last Monday, Google announced that they had released “new markup for multilingual content”, see the webmaster tools blog post here. Even for those of us that work in the field of looking after global websites, this produced relatively unexciting headlines along the lines of “Google Launches New Multilingual Markup — Wow”. Big yawn. In fact, digging […]


Google’s International Financial Performance Reveals 44% Growth

Google’s recent Quarter 3 2011 financial performance announcements saw a delighted Larry Page extolling the performance of the business, with 33% annual growth compared with the same quarter in 2010. He said the word that sprang to mind for the quarter was “gangbusters.” The income for the quarter was almost $10 billion. Where is this […]


Dealing With Regional Dialects & Languages In Global Internet Marketing

Did you know there is a significant difference between the meanings of the words “global” and “international”? “Global” is frankly often the front end of a steamroller which crushes all before it in a form of harmonisation or centralization process. “International” on the other hand, at least for me, tends to imply more respect for […]


How Machine Translation Has A Habit Of Mangling Multilingual SEO

Recent discussions force me to return to the subject of translation versus SEO — particularly machine translation — as it seems this old topic has not yet gone away. For multinational sites, maintaining your site can be an expensive affair, and the cost savings of machine translation seem outstandingly attractive. But as my mother always […]


Baidu: Behind The Scenes At The Number One Chinese Search Engine

The number one search engine in China is easily Baidu. But what are the people at Baidu really like and what would it be like to work there? Is this a typical Chinese or Beijing company? Or does Baidu more comfortably sit in an Extended Silicon Valley -- influenced by Californian attitudes but based a long way from the 101? And how does Baidu compare with both Google and Yandex?

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