Andy Atkins-Krüger

Andy Atkins-Krüger founded Webcertain – the multi-language international search marketing services business that runs the International Search Summit alongside SMX in Europe – and also includes the in-house business which specializes in supporting internal agencies within big groups with the specialist language needs.


Russia’s Search Engine Yandex Steathily Moves West

Yandex now has deeper cash pockets following its IPO -- so where and in what type of expansion is the company going to expand? Moving west and south perhaps? There are good competitive reasons why Yandex needs to take its battle with Google to other markets -- but it also needs to be secure at home -- in Russia.


How Does Google Know Where You Are?

It is seven years ago this month that Chris Sherman first asked me to speak on a panel in London on the subject of multilingual or international search – with an emphasis on the SEO! I’m delighted once more to be presenting on “speaking in tongues” and even more pleased to be following SMX in […]


Where Is Google Investing Its Marketing Spend Internationally?

If Google reigns supreme and leads the majority of the world’s markets taking a comfortable first place, why would the company decide to dramatically expand its sales and marketing efforts? This is a question many analysts were asking following Google’s recent first quarter 2011 results announcements – and with good cause, when you start to […]

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Automatic Algorithms Are Fundamentally Changing The Shape of SEO

If search engines -- such as Yandex in Russia -- are generating their search query algorithms automatically using "machine learning," does that mean we need a re-think of SEO practices? What is "machine learning" in this context and how does it work? Yandex may be a "regional" search engine, but they're putting forward some challenging views of how search engines are developing and will develop in future!

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Yandex: Not Copying But Searching For Google’s Underbelly

How does Yandex compare to Google? Can a regional search engine success really survive in the longer term? Ilya Segalovich thinks Yandex can and reveals that Yandex has greater international aspirations. But to expand, Yandex really has to win the Russian market -- compare the statistics coming out of Russia and decide what the future might hold! There are lessons here for search marketers everywhere!


The 5 Pillars Of International SEO Forensics

With all the talk of algorithm changes -- do you have a robust method for undertaking effective forensics on your international site? There are 5 key aspects you should consider to achieve a safer and smoother ride to success starting with country-to-country ratios and turning to Donald Rumsfeld for help?


Yandex Keeps On Beating Google In Russia

Google is a fearsome animal, hungry to eat up all search engine market share in its path. It’s global too, and with huge resources behind it. Imagine then, that you’re the leading search engine in your own domestic market and some nearby neighbors and Google arrives. You wouldn’t exactly be thrilled right? Then, after a […]


Google Now Helps Your Content Rank In Any Language

Do you need to localize your website to reach local markets anymore? Maybe not since Google last week rolled our a feature to many markets globally, to automatically translate a keyword and search for results from webpages everywhere in every language? What does this mean about our future strategies? Do we need to have a fundamental re-think about international search?


Protecting Your Intellectual Property On The International Stage

If you're planning to trade in international markets -- or in some cases even if you're not -- you need to take steps to protect your intellectual property. Whilst this is wise if you're launching just in the US, it's even more critical to plan for this in the wilder reaches of the five continents as retrospective action can be difficult and very expensive.


Too Late For Thanksgiving & Too Early For Diwali

So global search marketers, should you be studying major religious festivals to understand their impact on your peaks and troughs — after all they may explain why your seasonal patterns globally don’t match what you’re used to. Making notes of the major festivals which will take place during your campaign year in the markets you are targeting can help.


Yandex Continues To Thrive In Russia

Is it true that when Russia thrives, Russian internet search engine Yandex also thrives -- whilst Google claims it is close on its heals? Or is Russia opening up to more western forces such as Facebook? The statistics show some interesting developments which don't follow the patterns of other markets!


Google Instant: Could It Be Instantly Successful Globally?

Google Instant certainly got people talking -- where it was rolled out that is because it didn't make it to rest of the globe instantly. Comscore has released figures showing its impact on search shares in the US -- but what are the predictions for the rest of the world. Will Google Instant be a runaway global success -- instantly?

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