Andy Atkins-Krüger

Andy Atkins-Krüger founded Webcertain – the multi-language international search marketing services business that runs the International Search Summit alongside SMX in Europe – and also includes the in-house business which specializes in supporting internal agencies within big groups with the specialist language needs.


Coping With The Increasing Complexity Of International SEO

Not a day seems to pass when there isn't some new feature announcement by the search engines or some acquisition of an organization we've none of us heard of, but which powers lots of sites we didn't know needed powering. Its complex enough for anyone - but if you're in charge of a 25-language site running in 170 countries, its more than mind boggling - it can be soul destroying. Just how do we cope?


Numbers: The Most Universal Language Of Search

Numbers can actually help you to market your product if you understand how important they are -- especially to significant far eastern markets such as China. Universally understood, numbers may well have wider applications for your international search marketing campaigns than you, at first, expect.


Choosing Domain Names For International Business

If you're choosing domain names for your business with the intention of going global, then you have quite a lot to think about. You might want to incorporate keywords in your domain name -- but how do you handle this across multiple different languages? Or you might choose an invented new word to be your domain -- but how do you check if that will work in international markets. A few simple checks prevent lots of pain!


Globalization For Small Business

Is going global too expensive or too complicated for small businesses -- or is the opportunity just the same for them as huge conglomerates? Indeed, is it possible that the opportunity is relatively-speaking even greater for mom and pop than for Mr. Big Corporation?


Mythbusting Global Search Fallacies

Do people really search in English rather than their local languages? That's what Google's Keyword Tool seems to be saying. So that must mean English is truly a "Lingua Franca" -- or is something even more mysterious going on with the Google numbers?


The Life Of A Dual Personality Keyword

The search volumes for keywords in Google's Keyword Tool are not always what they seem - especially if they have more than one meaning in different languages. How does the Keyword Tool deal with these and how do we avoid making incorrect assumptions about keywords?


It’s Time For SEO To Take The Lead In Localization Marketing

SEO and translation just don't seem to mix when marketing websites and the localization industry seems to be preventing progress and focussing on the wrong things. Maybe it's time the SEO industry was given more credit as the search and social marketers they truly are and firmly put in charge of how all website content is produced -- including that which is translated?


My Dream International Content Management System

Choosing a content management system which helps you make progress internationally - rather than blocking every move - is a good plank to have in your strategy. Even if you're not planning that international expansion just yet. Reason? Retro-fitting a new content management system to an existing project can bring a heap of extra pressure - just when you need it to be helping!


Is Facebook A Global Threat To Google?

Does Facebook pose a threat today or in the future to Google by swallowing advertising dollars - and will the inclusion of web search speed that process? Google and Facebook actually many historical similarities - including the shape of their global roll outs.

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