Casie Gillette

Casie Gillette

Casie Gillette is the Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at KoMarketing, a B2B online marketing firm based in Boston, MA. She has been in the search industry for twelve years and loves all things Internet-related.


Using Analytics To Enhance Your Link Building Strategy

Like everyone else, I’m not psyched that Google took away my organic keyword data. It’s pretty uncool and, as a marketer, it makes my life a bit harder. However, analytics is much more than keywords; and, there’s a lot of great information in there that can help drive better marketing decisions. That same data can also […]


Structured Data Superstars @ SMX East

Structured data has become a hot topic over the past year or so, and at SMX East, the room was packed for the Structured Data Superstars session. Evan Sandhaus of the New York Times kicked it off with a very impressive look at how the Times spent the last three years developing and implementing structured […]


Top Social Tactics For Search Marketers

When it comes down to social’s impact on search, it all comes down to three things: Trust, credibility and quality. This was a common theme throughout the Top Social Tactics for Search Marketers session at SMX East. As Google continues to penalize links, and search marketers shift away from traditional link building tactics, social is […]


Are You Setting The Right Link Building Expectations?

In the world of search and online marketing, we talk a lot about the evolving landscape, particularly when it comes to link building. Tactics that work one day can stop working with the switch of a Google button. Tactics that you think are legit can suddenly be deemed a “link scheme.” On top of that, there’s so […]


9 Link Building Lessons We Learned As Kids

Do you remember the life lessons we learned as kids? Sayings like, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” and, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” were taught to us at a young age to guide us, help us make better decisions, and remind us to be nice to one another. I […]


7 Real Life Ways to Build Links

The majority of the time when we’re discussing link building, we focus on things like outreach, content strategy, tools and, in general, ways we can acquire links online. Which makes perfect sense since links are… well, online. But what about the offline, or “in real life” opportunities? According to a recent survey featured on eMarketer, […]


4 Link-Tastic Tips From SMX Advanced

As most people know, SMX Advanced took place out in Seattle a couple weeks ago. While there was only one session truly dedicated to link building, link building tips were still flying around the Bell Harbor Conference Center! Thankfully, I was there to catch them. From simple tactics to outreach advice, here are four of […]


Link Building & The Power Of The Customer

With the growth of social networks and the ability to instantly tell the world how you’re feeling, we’ve watched power shift from brands to consumers. No longer can companies simply rely on their marketing to do the talking — they now have to rely on what their customers are saying. Why? According to American Express, […]


5 PR Strategies You Can Use To Build Links Right Now

There’s been a lot of talk in the search industry over the past year regarding the overlap of public relations and SEO, particularly in the area of link building. As a Public Relations major, this couldn’t make me happier — not because I feel like my college degree can finally be justified to my parents; but […]

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