Trond Lyngbø

Trond Lyngbø is the founder of Search Planet and a senior SEO Consultant. He has over 20 years of experience in SEO, e-commerce, content strategy and digital analysis. His clients include multinational Fortune 500 corporations and major Norwegian companies. Trond has helped grow businesses through more effective search marketing and SEO strategies. He is most passionate about working with e-commerce companies and web shops to develop and expand their omni-channel marketing initiatives.

Link Building

Are You Getting These SEO Fundamentals Right?

Millions of ardent fans were shocked when Argentina crashed out in the quarter-finals of the 2006 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. They didn’t lose on field goals against Germany, but in a dramatic penalty shootout. The brutal post-match analysis forced Jose Pekerman’s resignation as national coach. Why? Because fans and experts alike blamed him for […]

Google Algorithm Updates

Can SEO Be Your Business Advantage?

With Google having a bad case of frequent hiccups, websites are see-sawing up and down in their search rankings. Business owners, caught between a rock and a hard place, are asking themselves whether SEO really can be a winning strategy in these difficult economic times. By analyzing the process, the methodology and the sequence of […]


The Financial Justification For Search Engine Optimization

Every business grows by delivering value through products and services that fill a need, solve a problem or lead to a desired goal. To achieve this, your business must first be visible online to your ideal prospects. Enter SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps with this ‘findability’ problem. SEO can ensure that your business ranks high […]


The Pillars Of Strategic SEO & A Primer On Website Design

Every serious business website must be built around relevant, business-critical keywords and phrases, and done in a strategic manner. This begins with careful analysis of the ground realities, and then moves on to technical nuances, as we will soon see. Analysis – The Bedrock Of Strategic SEO Every business exists to serve a marketplace while […]


Growing Your Business By Branding Through SEO

You’re surfing your favorite news portal before leaving for work. Almost subliminally, you notice an ad for a new book on financial planning. Next, you drop by a forum to chat, and someone is talking about the same book. You then quickly pop in to to select some reading material for a weekend trip […]


What’s In A Word? The Critical Role Of Keyword Selection For Business Growth

Marthe types the word “Melkeallergi” into, searching for information about a health condition she’s worried about. In her discussion group for Norwegian school moms, one parent suffered from stomach cramps just like she did, and mentioned the diagnosis of “milk allergy“. “Could this be what I have, too?” Marthe wondered, and decided to find […]

Google Algorithm Updates

Social Search: Dead On Arrival? Or On Life Support?

It’s the uber-powerful search marketing signal…  and marketers sabotaging it even before it’s had a chance to find a toe-hold. I’m talking about ‘Social Search’, the rising trend of social media-driven local search signals and the callous, narrow-minded and (in some eyes) borderline unethical way in which this potentially useful tool is being perverted by […]


SEOnomics: A New Way Of Thinking About SEO For Business

SEOnomics (pronounced ‘see-oh-nomics’) is a term I conceived to meld SEO with economics, but in a style and fashion not usually covered by traditional SEO experts. SEOnomics interweaves elements of SEO (especially Web Analytics), buyer psychology and business administration to positively impact the economics of a business. When businesses move online, they need to migrate […]


Why Do Search Engines, Keyword Research & SEO Really Matter?

Let’s go, you and I, on an imaginary trip to Oslo in Norway. Now, the first two things you’ll want to do is arrange flight tickets to Oslo, and find a good place to stay. Where do you go for this information? A small (but growing) fraction of the online population will hop over to […]


How To Devise A Psychology Based SEO Strategy

SEO consultants like me usually get called in at an advanced stage of website development. Design elements are already in place, graphics created, page structure determined, even selling and lead generation processes finalized before the owner or manager invites us over to “slap SEO on” to their creation! Is that because to many of our […]

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