Eric Enge

Eric Enge

Eric Enge is President of Pilot Holding. Previously, Eric was the founder and CEO of Stone Temple, an award-winning digital marketing agency, which was acquired by Perficient in July 2018. He is the lead co-author of The Art of SEO, a 900+ page book that’s known in the industry as “the bible of SEO.” In 2016, Enge was awarded Search Engine Land’s Landy Award for Search Marketer of the Year, and US Search Awards Search Personality of the Year. He is a prolific writer, researcher, teacher and a sought-after keynote speaker and panelist at major industry conferences.


Getting Dev Team Mindshare For Your SEO Projects

Getting in the development schedule in an enterprise environment can be one of the most challenging parts of the job for an SEO professional. The dev team has so many different people coming at them with projects to do, and prioritizing those projects can be a mess. Add to that the frustrating reality that the […]


How To Leverage Brand PR To Drive SEO & Social Media

In most enterprises, PR generally focuses on creating a certain image or viewpoint about a company or its products. In doing this, PR departments seek to get coverage in print media and develop relationships with thought leaders and influencers in the company’s market space. The general purpose is to build the brand, resulting in increased […]


Does Your Enterprise Have A Social Silo Just Wasting Money?

The need for integration between social media and SEO is steadily increasing. We have all read the articles about the way that content is +1’ed by people you follow is shown in Google results (or how content Liked by a Facebook friend is elevated in Bing results). You have also most likely seen articles about […]


How To Structure Your Organization For SEO Success

At SMX West, I sat in on a panel with Adobe’s Warren Lee and he offered some great insights on Enterprise SEO. As a result of this panel, we had some follow up discussions about those challenges, and I asked him to write up some of the things we discussed. The column below is the […]

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24 Ways To Make Life Hard For Your SEO Team

While the industry is maturing, SEO still remains a largely misunderstood discipline. There are three main reasons for this: The search engines keep the details of their ranking algorithms private. There is a lot of bad information and misperceptions that are presented as SEO wisdom online. The algorithms search engines use are frequently changing. As […]

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Enterprise SEO Panel Preview For SMX West 2012

SMX West is approaching fast, and one of the sessions that caught my eye was the Enterprise SEO – Challenges & Solutions. The panel is loaded with speakers with deep experience in enterprise SEO. I decided to reach out to the panelists and get a preview of their presentations, so I asked each of them […]


3 Ways Enterprises Cripple Their Online Marketing Efforts

An increasing number of enterprises are engaging in PR, SEO, social media, and content marketing. Having these four areas covered is great, but many companies are not getting anywhere near the full ROI from their investment in them. In today’s column, I am going to explore the reasons why that is the case, and outline […]


Don’t Fall Into The Made-For-SEO Website Trap

There are many things that categorize a Made for SEO website. Large scale sites are prone to fall into this trap, because their scale often has them already competing for a large number of search terms across their many pages. Some of the biggest factors that mark a Made-for -SEO Site are: Thin slicing on […]

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Keys To Engagement, User Generated Content & SEO

I am of the opinion that website publishers need to differentiate or die. Earlier this year, I discussed some ways to differentiate in The Importance of Differentiated Content. One great option is to obtain lots of user generated content (UGC). Easy to say, but often not easy to do. Today’s column will go over some […]


6 Things To Learn About Differentiation From The Auto Insurance Industry

Successful SEO strategies demand differentiation. In today’s column, I am going to outline a seven-step process for figuring out how to differentiate your website. You may be struggling with how to do this because your product may be boring, and your space is crowded. So, I am going to start by taking a look at […]


Yet More Tips For Diagnosing & Fixing Panda Problems

Here we are, five months after Panda and the only publicly confirmed Panda recovery stories are those that followed the Panda 2.3 update. This is notable because this particular update was one in which Google took actions to help restore some sites that were unfairly hit by the earlier versions of Panda. Google told Barry […]


SS Enterprise: Venturing Into SEO And Social Media Strategies

Internet Marketing is in a state of constant change. This places major stresses on organizations that try to keep up and are not quite sure what initiatives they should invest in and which ones are a waste of time. For many companies, one of the biggest current challenges is to decide how much energy to […]


Intervention & Rehab Time: How To Break The Paid Link Habit

So you have finally made the decision to get off of the paid links crack and go straight. Do you go cold turkey? Do you take this in stages? There are great questions and the ones I will take on in today’s post. There are two major reasons why you should make this switch, one […]


Pagination Strategies In The Real World

One of the hot topics at SMX Advanced in Seattle this June was the best way to handle paginated sites. It seemed like the topic that would not go away, as it came up in panel after panel. The reason this happened is that it is a complicated topic. There are two major scenarios that […]


A Solution To The Facebook fb_xd_fragment Problem

Back in December, Danny Sullivan provided clarity for us on social signals that Google and Bing count as ranking factors. More recently, I spoke with Stefan Weitz who let me know that my results may be personalized if a friend of mine has “Liked” something related to my search query — i.e., that page my […]

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Speculating On The Next Shift In Google Search Algorithms

On February 23, 2011, the day that Google’s Panda update was released, a significant shift in search algorithms and SEO in general happened. For the first time, user experience and content quality became ranking factors in SEO for Google. Google clearly liked the impact of that change, since they followed more recently with an update, […]

Google algorithm updates

Post Panda Social Engagement Measurements

Since the advent of the Panda update (aka Farmer) people have been scrambling to understand what happened, and how to move forward. Vanessa Fox has provided some great info on Panda as well as the latest on Panda from SMX West. I decided to dig a bit into some of the data on the winners […]


The Importance Of Differentiated Content

I puzzled over the title of this column for a bit. The initial title I wrote was “The Importance of Unique Content”, and I actually mean something different than that. Most of the time when we talk about unique content we mean not simply using copies of someone else’s text (whether it be plagiarized or […]