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Erin Everhart is an experienced digital strategist, content developer and search marketer. She's currently the Senior Manager, Media Strategy for The Home Depot and has previously worked agency-side for mid-sized business and Fortune 500 companies. She speaks regularly on digital strategy, content development and inbound marketing at conferences nationwide. Follow her on Twitter @erinever.

Content Marketing

It’s Conference Season! 5 Ways To Build Links At Events

Spring brings more than just a (long-awaited) reprieve from this intense winter we’ve been having. It means conference season is upon us, which means a (much-needed) break away from our computer shackles for some good ol’ fashioned networking. It’s also a perfect time to build links. Yes, conferences are a fantastic opportunity to build links. […]

Content Marketing

Creating Links That Offer The Best User Experience

We focus a lot on where we our links should go. We analyze Domain Authority and social metrics until we can spew back a site’s numbers faster than our own phone number. We nit-pick sidebars, in-content and author box placements until we’re blue in the face. But we don’t put nearly enough time on how […]

Content Marketing

If Link Building Really Is Dead, What Do We Do Now?

“He’s dead, Jim.” It’s been shouted from the rooftops, from here to Moz and every blog in between, but I guess it isn’t official until the doctor says so: Link building is dead. Depending on how much you agree with that statement, you’re somewhere in the five stages of grief with the impending death of link […]

Link Building

5 Ways To Make Your Client Kickoff Meeting A Success

When we moved to agile marketing for our internal process, it changed the way we think. Instead of finding any resources that were available, we had dedicated teams that worked on a smaller number of clients. Instead of working against a 12-month marketing plan, we worked in 30-day Sprints to reach smaller, more attainable goals […]

Link Building

Updates To Old Link Building Practices That Score Wins Today

Everyone is itching for new link building ideas.  Google is getting smarter, and the game is getting harder. What worked five years ago — shoot, what worked last year — isn’t going to work today. Except, that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes, it’s not the tactic that stops working — it’s the way people approach it. […]


9 Things We Should Never Stop Doing in Link Building

A couple of months ago, I went on a little rant. (It happens sometimes; I’m looking into it.) I was overwhelmed by the responses that little column generated, with others picking up my rally cry to eliminate super shady link building practices. But commenters were also quick to point out that there is a lot […]

Link Building

7 Ways To Get Links When Launching A New Website

Launching a new website is one of the hardest things you do. It’s also one of the best ways to get a nice influx of links pointing your way. I know this because for the past 2 1/2 months, I’ve been living it. On Tuesday, July 16 at 3:52 p.m., 352 Media Group officially became […]

Content Marketing

3 Ways To Break The Link Building Block

We’ve all been there — that moment in any link building campaign where you hit a wall. There are so many things that you want to do, but there is so little time or buy-in to do them that you settle on just doing the things you need to do. That sucks. It gets tedious, […]

Link Building

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Internal Linking Strategy

It’s not the first thing you think of when you hear “link building.” It’s definitely not the sexiest aspect of link building. But, I’d argue it’s among the most important components of a solid link building strategy. That’s right, folks: today we’re going to chat about internal linking. Cue the communal groan. It’s okay! I’m […]

Link Building

The Art & Science Of Storytelling As Told By Journalists

As SEO becomes more about good content and outreach becomes more about relationship building, the gap between link building and journalism continues to shrink. Where once I cursed my journalist background (because of the lack of job opportunities it brought me), I now adore it because it’s taught me how to tell great stories. Storytelling […]

Content Marketing

5 Tools You Never Thought To Use For Link Building

Link building tools are everywhere, so much so that it’s safe to assume we’ve saturated the market, and it’s time to move on to building something else. While I rely on some of these as much as Instragram relies on selfies and food photos, some of the best tools I’ve found for link building were actually created […]


6 Things To Think About Before Disavowing Links

Earlier this month, Christmas came early for many in the SEO industry. Google launched its wildly anticipated disavow links tool bringing with it a way for you to remove some of those shady things you your former SEO company have done. The biggest problem with disavowing your links is that at first glance, it looks […]

Link Building

How To Get Links When Your Goal Isn’t To Get Links

Do really need me to tell you that link building has changed? I said it back in April; Danny Sullivan ranted about it in July; heck, Rand was even clamoring for it 2009. Link building is, and will continue to become, a vastly different industry, but I can’t imagine SEO where links don’t matter. I […]

Content Marketing

How To Remove Your Unnatural Inbound Links

Recently, Google went a little crazy — it’s cool; they came back — which subsequently caused anyone who owns a website to go a little nuts, too. Google has sent out oodles of the above messages over the past couple of months, and it has caused a lot of people to question if and how […]

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