Erin Everhart

Erin Everhart

Erin Everhart is an experienced digital strategist, content developer and search marketer. She's currently the Senior Manager, Media Strategy for The Home Depot and has previously worked agency-side for mid-sized business and Fortune 500 companies. She speaks regularly on digital strategy, content development and inbound marketing at conferences nationwide. Follow her on Twitter @erinever.


8 Tips To Increase Your Link Building Efficiency

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently that talk about how to dedicate enough time to link building to see results without it taking over your life. To be blunt, that’s a load of crap. If something is scalable, its size can be changed, like fonts. How long you have to link build for to […]

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What Tim Tebow Can Teach You About Link Building

If I learned one thing during my years as journalist, it was that headlines will make or break you. There’s probably a good number of you reading this solely because of this headline, but stay with me, people: There is a connection to link building. Earlier this month, I went to the Chick-fi-la Leadercast where Tim […]

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Will Pitching Guest Posts Be The Death of Marketers?

Nothing kills my link building buzz more than receiving this email after (what I consider) a top-notch pitch: I don’t know the exact moment when marketers started getting this bad reputation, but I’m seeing it a lot. Frankly, if you’re getting good content or getting more value for your website, it shouldn’t matter if I’m a […]

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5 Ways To Get The Best Links For New Websites

Confession: I almost slapped Ryan Jones the other week at SMX West. “I don’t have to build links,” he said. “We put out a new product or announcement, and bam: There’s 10,000 links.” Unfortunately, he’s right — even if the slap would have been justified. If you do SEO for a big brand, like Ryan, […]


How To Find Link Prospects Without Using Google

I’m obsessed with Google. (I mean, you kind of have to be if you’re in this industry.) But sometimes, you need a break from the hand that feeds. There’s no denying the power of advanced search queries, but you’d be surprised how many other and different prospects you can find without using the search engine […]


Infographics: Why They Fail For Link Building

We’ve all seen them: too much of them. They filter through our Twitter stream, pop up in our News Feed, and infiltrate our search results. My dear friends, we are in infographic overload, and if we don’t do something now, it may be too late for us all. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against […]


Where To Get Citations For Local SEO

If you haven’t heard, local SEO is taking over. More than 20 percent of Google searches are for a local business. That number doubles on mobile devices, and it’s starting to show in the SERPs. When was the last time you searched and got only the traditional 10 organic listings? SERPs are being inundated with […]

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