Evan LaPointe


Analytics, PPC & SEO: So Happy Together

“Search is the world’s largest focus group.” A while ago, someone said this to me (I can’t remember who, but buy yourself an eclair if it’s you: you’ve earned it), and it struck me as pure brilliance. We tend to get so focused on the challenge of showing up in search results that we frequently […]


Is Web Analytics Easy Or Difficult?

Two rockstars have emerged in the web analytics field to date. We all know who they are: Eric Peterson has demystified analytics for us, while Avinash Kaushik has helped us take it one day, or dare I say, “an hour a day,” at a time. And one of them says web analytics is easy while […]

Amazon Advertising

Make Google Analytics Your SEO Watchdog

Did you know that there are a handful of simple reports you can check in Google Analytics to see if your search engine optimization guru (or Agency) is catching critical pieces of the SEO puzzle? Take quick a look to sniff out what might be missing in your SEO effort. Uncovering technical SEO issues Of […]

Analytics & Conversion

How To Choose A Web Analytics Solution

Choosing the analytics tool you will use to track what’s happening on your web site can be a time-consuming, expensive, and incredibly frustrating experience. There are a number of good candidates to choose from and each touts an impressive feature set that promises to significantly improve everything about your web site. But while there’s a […]

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