Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie is Chief Marketing Curmudgeon and President at Portent, Inc, a firm he started in 1995. Portent is a full-service internet marketing company whose services include SEO, SEM and strategic consulting.


How (I Think) Crawl Budget Works (Sort Of)

Crawl budget – the number of pages a search engine will crawl each time it visits your site – is a huge factor in SEO success. While a...


Standards Compliance: Just Do it, Already

Dear coders: please write your HTML/XHTML code to be standards-compliant. Yes, I know — we’ve been down this road before. Folks have...


Why I Still Hate Rel=Canonical

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3 Lies The Search Engines Will Tell You

Google, BingaHoo! just so you know: nothin’ but love from me. You guys rock. Really. We have a good relationship. But most relationships are...