Kohki Yamaguchi

Kohki Yamaguchi leads product marketing at Origami Logic, a cross-channel marketing intelligence solution for modern marketers. With a career of 8 years in marketing and analytics spanning various functions, Kohki's focus has always been on translating data into strategy, simplifying the complex, and bridging the gap between data and organizational silos.

Google Ads

Doing Google PLAs? 4 Must-Know Facts

Despite their growing importance as a marketing channel for retailers, Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are fairly opaque compared to traditional paid search ads. Key metrics such as average position and impression share are not available via Google’s interface, and thus there is little information out there on the ways in which bids, impressions, ad […]

Google Ads

The Impact Of Google’s Quality Score Change

To assess the impact of Google’s recently-announced quality score change, I analyzed the pre/post change in Quality Score distribution across data for more than 100 advertisers. Since the exact range of scores differs for every advertiser, we looked at the percentage change in relative impression volume (proportion of total impressions) at each Quality Score level […]

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