Chris Liversidge

Chris Liversidge

Chris Liversidge has over twelve years web development experience & is the founder of QueryClick Search Marketing, a UK agency specialising in SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies that deliver industry-leading ROI.

Analytics & Conversion

How To Fix Common Analytics Mistakes In Multinational eCommerce SEO

One of the major headaches in multinational campaigns is solving the many web analytics issues thrown up as a result of operating across multiple subdomains, in multiple languages. Part of the problem is technical, but probably the most difficult issue you’ll encounter is actually maintaining consistency in numbers across the various departments and agencies involved […]


Multinational SEO & Traffic Estimation: Converting from the SERPs

It's now well understood that maximising your conversion rate is critical to compete in the most competitive markets, but what's often missed is how extending your conversion optimisation to the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) can influence your site conversion and increase the total available traffic from each search term.

Link Building

Multinational SEO That Doesn’t Break The Bank

So, you’ve patiently built your brand as a local market .com TLD (in the UK, Germany or elsewhere) and, over the last couple of years, built a great reputation for service quality and hitting delivery deadlines with your niche products. Well done! Requests for your company’s products have gone through the roof in your local […]