Mona Elesseily

Mona Elesseily

Mona Elesseily writes extensively and speaks internationally on search & online marketing. She is the Vice President of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media, where she focuses on search engine marketing strategy, landing page optimization (LPO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Cool New Yahoo! Search Marketing System Enhancements

Lately, I’ve had Yahoo! Search Marketing (Y!SM) on the brain. So, in this article, I’ve decided to outline some of the most recent enhancements to Y!SM’s new advertising platform. With the “Panama” interface, Y!SM has made it a priority to iterate and continually improve the Y!SM system (Yahoo! calls the process “rapid innovative release”). This […]


Don’t Get Duped By Google And Yahoo! Match Typing

In Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing (Y!SM), not only do match types have different names, but matching technologies and algorithms are dissimilar. I’ll review the various match types and discuss differences. For this article, I’ve done some testing and included some results.


Key Differences Between Yahoo Search Marketing & Google AdWords

You’re probably tired of reading about cultural differences between the two search marketing leaders, Google and Yahoo. Does Semel have better hair than Sergey? Does Yahoo really hire people based on softball prowess? If you’re actually using the search marketing platforms, or for that matter, interacting with Googlers or Yahoos to accomplish a marketing-related task, […]


Preliminary Scorecard: How Effective Is Yahoo’s Panama Upgrade?

The world of search marketing is divided into two types of people, it seems: Those who have never actually used Yahoo’s new Panama sponsored search upgrade and never will; and those who are in knee deep working on their accounts, and want to find out how other fellow marketers are faring, so they phone me. […]


New Panama Ranking System For Yahoo Ads Launches Today

Today, Yahoo will flip the switch for the new "Marketplace Design" algorithm in the US market, the system commonly known as Panama. Parts of Panama have already gone live in the past few weeks. But throughout today, Yahoo will be rolling out the last piece — a new ranking algorithm and its associated new pricing […]

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