Tony Wright

Tony Wright is CEO and Founder of WrightIMC has spent his career helping businesses of all sizes be profitable on the Web. Wright is a search marketing geek and also has extensive experience in online crisis communication and brand reputation strategy. Wright has twice served as President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Search Marketing Association, and is a sought after speaker at industry events, including SMX, Search Engine Strategies, Pubcon and others. Find him on Twitter @tonynwright.


Do You Need To Protect Your SEO Agency From Clients?

I received my undergraduate degree from a small, liberal arts college in Siloam Springs, Arkansas where drinking, smoking and even dancing were forbidden. Those were the rules, and everyone knew what they were. You signed a paper when you enrolled acknowledging you knew these rules. But in truth, the rules were only enforced in the […]


SEO: Just Deal With IT (The IT Department, That Is)

Every corporation large enough to have an IT department has had search engine optimization problems at one point or another. Well, at least every corporation that I’ve dealt with. And dealing with these issues sometimes requires the diplomatic skills of Henry Kissinger, the technical skills of Bill Gates, the persuasion skills of P.T. Barnum and […]


The Silver Lining For Advertising During A Down Economy

Recently, those that are close to me have noticed a new obsession.  I’ve always been tethered to my Blackberry reading e-mails, twitter, blogs and other online fodder as I’m on the road (and, I shouldn’t admit, while driving – watch out for me on the road). But recently I’ve found a new item to look […]


Three Rules For Search Marketing With Franchise Organizations

I always think of an armada of ships when I look at a franchised company. You’ve got a large battleship, directing the path of the smaller craft—yet the smaller craft must navigate on their own, especially when the instructions from the battleship don’t make sense. And oftentimes, because the franchisees are busy navigating their own […]


When Critiquing Large Sites, Don’t Always Blame The SEO

One of the easiest things to do in SEO is to poke holes in someone else’s SEO strategy. I proudly admit to having done this on countless occasions when someone asks me to look at their site and give my “expert opinion.” It’s very easy to take a look at the code for a few […]

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