Bing Ads launches automated bid strategy to ‘Maximize Clicks’

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  • Bing Ads has announced the rollout of an automated bid strategy aimed at maximizing the number of clicks advertisers can receive within their budgets.

    In August 2016, Bing Ads added the Enhanced CPC bid strategy, which automatically adjusts bids up or down based on the determined likelihood that a click will convert.

    How to use Maximize Clicks

    At the campaign level, the option to Maximize Clicks can be selected under the “Bid Strategy type” drop-down shown below or in campaign Settings.

    In Settings, advertisers can set a max bid ceiling that will apply to all bids in the campaign.

    Advertisers can also selectively maintain manual bid controls for certain ad groups and/or keywords in a campaign set to Maximize Clicks. At the ad group or keyword level, choose “Use My Bid” from the Bid Strategy drop-down menu:


    When Maximize Clicks is applied, the bid column will note “auto” before the bid amount.

    Additional details

    Bing Ads recommends letting the Maximize Clicks strategy run for at least 30 days in order to give the algorithm time to learn and gain efficiency before making any changes.

    Maximize Clicks is not currently available for Shopping campaigns and does not yet work with third-party bidding platforms.

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